Information for parents in light of COVID 19



June 29th - July 2020

PDF - Pupils Induction Booklet


Provisions in schools - Frequently asked questions - Conwy June 2020

We would like to thank parents and carers for their continued support and co-operation during the ongoing challenges posed by coronavirus (Covid-19)

We appreciate you have a number of questions about returning to school, here are a few frequently asked more


Information for years 11 and 13:

With this Summer's exam season cancelled due to Covid 19 there will no longer be any examinations for year 11 and year 13 this year. Your GCSE and A Level qualifications will, however still be released on the following dates from WJEC:

• A Level Results: Thursday the 13th of August
• GCSE Results (for year 11 only): Thursday the 20th of August.

Further information about the process taking place to calculate this results in unprecedented times can be found on the Qualifications Wales website: and the WJEC website: This information is being continuously updated as preparations are made over the next 4 months.

Year 11 learners wanting to come back to the 6th form can still keep up to date with their subjects on your year 11 Google Classrooms. Links to year 12 courses and reading for different AS subjects is currently being updated on these pages - log in and find out more!

For year 13 learners, take a look at the information about university and further study being developed for you by universities and other agencies in partnership with Welsh Government on HWB under 'The Seren Academy'. Here you can find lots of information to prepare you for ongoing study in the Autumn term and keep learning ready for your next steps, including resources for distance learning at the bottom of the webpage:

New purpose for schools from 23/3/20:

The school is now closed for pupils for an extended early Easter break from Friday the Mae’r 20/3/20.

On Monday the 23/3/20 schools across Wales were re-opened with a new purpose including providing food for pupils entitled for free school meals (to be collected from the school); support for vulnerable pupils in partnership with external agencies and the Local Authority ALN service; and provision for the children of key workers where there is no further provision available. We are working with our local partner schools on providing and adapting this provision where it is needed.

At the end of the term, work to support distance learning was sent out to pupils through email and through the school post for years 7, 9 and 9. Further information for year 10 and 12 learners has been shared over the last few days and will continue as we prepare for distance learning beyond the Easter break. The learning resources are supported by resources on HWB/Google Classroom. Each pupil has access to HWB which provides them with free access to resources such as Office 365 and Google Classrooms. The link for HWB is included below.

Formal teaching for years 11 and 13 came to an end following the announcement that there will be no exams this Summer. We are still waiting for announcements relating to how the information that will provide learners with their GCSE and A Level grades will be formulated and the roles that schools will play in that. In the meantime we encourage learners to continue to study in order to better prepare for their next steps such as study at college or 6th form, further education of university, and the world of work.

We will be in contact when we have further new information about how schools will operate following this holiday period. In the meantime we hope that the links below will be useful to you. They are updated regularly by the agencies behind them and provide a good way of keeping up to date with all the recent changes.



Useful Links:

I nformation about Welsh Education Settings from Welsh Government – the link leads to information that is updated daily and which includes answer to frequently asked questions - click here

Supporting the mental health of our pupils and their families during the Covid19 Pandemic:

Below are some links to various on-line resources which may be of help and assistance during these difficult times, it is certainly not easy and our mental health and wellbeing needs, need to be considered more than ever to deal with all the pressures thrown at us during this Covid19 pandemic.

The links include resources by CAHMS to deal with mental health and information of how to deal mentally with the pandemic.

Link to the NHS page

Link to the page

Link to the CAMHS Resources page

Also there links to being on safe on-line including bullying, as social media plays and increasing part of how we are communicating with our loved ones, friends and wider circle.

Tips for staying safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic


Think u know


Domestic violence is heavily in the news also, there are plenty of websites offering information on-line but I've included one from the NSPCC.


And also for our LGBT+ community, here is a useful link and further information from Stonewall Cymru.