Eco Council

Eco Council Success – Green Flag Banner accreditation 2020:poster

We are delighted as an Eco Council and School Council on our recent accreditation for the Green Banner Award! A group of dedicated pupils have been striving to ensure that the school’s environmental standards are high enough to meet the challenging expectations for achieving this coveted award. We have been meeting weekly to plan and discuss different ideas about how we can make our school and the community as eco-friendly as possible. Some of our recent successes have been to ensure that a more effective recycling system is being developed on the school site; rubbish collection around the school site and on Ffordd Nebo; holding an own-clothes day to raise money and our big project which is planning our school garden. Our hope is to create a quiet and relaxing area for pupils to spend time in as well as helping us grow vegetables and manage the garden. We are very excited about how these plans are developing and delighted and proud that our work has been recognised through the Eco Schools Green Banner award.

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