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Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Head Pupils 2023-24

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School Council

School Council 2021/22


Congratulations to this year’s School Council 2021/22 members. After a period of elections, they have now begun their important jobs as pupil leaders within the school. We look forward to their contributions to the school’s development, ethos and activities over the course of this academic year.




School Council 2020/21


Congratulations to this year’s School Council 2020/21 members. After a period of elections, they have now begun their important jobs as pupil leaders within the school. We look forward to their contributions to the school’s development, ethos and activities over the course of this academic year.

School Council 2019/20

Congratulations to this year’s School Council 2019/20 members. After a period of elections, they have now begun their important jobs as pupil leaders within the school. We look forward to their contributions to the school’s development, ethos and activities over the course of this academic year.

Congratulations to our new Head Pupils 2019/20

2 fachgenCongratulations to Aliya and Gruffudd who have been elected as Head Pupils for 2019/20. They will be supported by their Deputies, Modlen and Osian. We look forward to working with them over the year following some excellent interviews and presentations from all involved in the process. We wish all 4 the best in their new roles.

Updated extracurricular Physical Education Activities 19/09/19.

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Welsh Youth Parliament

2 fachgenThis year, three pupils will stand to represent Aberconwy in the Welsh Youth Parliament. We are delighted to announce that in November this year, Evan Burgess has been elected to represent Aberconwy in the Parliament. Evan will meet with 40 representatives from across Wales to express the opinions of young people of the county. Congratulations to you Evan and all the best in your new role.


The School Council has been busy this term. To find out more, watch this video clip - click here

School Council 2018/19

2 fachgenCongratulations to all the members of the new School Council 2018/19. Following a process of election at class, year and school level new representatives from each year group have been elected to lead on pupil voice over the next year. The Council meet regularly to discuss both school and pupil priorities. We wish them well in their new responsibilities over the next year. You can learn more about the work of the Council and your year representatives on their bulletin board, through audio-visual presentations during Tutorial lessons and on the screens around the school.

Head Pupils 2018/19

2 fachgenFollowing a process of application, interviews, presentations and election, our Head Pupils for 2018/19 have now been elected. The 6th form were given a presentation by last year’s Pupil Leadership Team explaining the roles and experiences they had during 2017/18.

As a result a number applied for the posts and following the application and interview process, 5 students presented their pitch to their fellow 6th formers in the school hall on the 18th of September.

By now Jake and Efa have taken on the posts of Head Pupils with Trystan, Elen and Elan supporting them as Deputy Head Pupils. We wish all 5 the best for their year of leadership. They show the promise of an excellent leadership team who will make the most of their opportunities, responsibilities and leadership and presentation skills over the next year.

Some of their first responsibilities will be to:
- Lead the School Council;
- Represent pupils on the School Governing Body; and
- Taking a key role in the forthcoming Year 5 and 6 Open Evening.



How does the School Council work?

School Council

2017/18 School Council

School CouncilCongratulations to all the pupils who have been elected for this year’s Class and Year Forum Representatives 2017/18. They have been busy discussing many aspects of school life, including the posibility of changing our current school uniform for the future. Representatives from each Year Forum have been elected for the School Council, under the leadership of this year’s Head Pupils. Congratulations to all of them and best wishes for their role over the year. They have already shown great skills and commitment in arranging a number of activities including supporting Jeanes for Genes and Macmillan last half term; and this half term’s anti-bullying week and Children in Need. Thank you for all their efforts and for the support given to them.

For the attention of year 10-13 pupils

Exam Guidance for Pupils - click here

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Head Pupils 2017/18

Head PupilsCongratulations to Rhydian Jones and Mali Sion from Year 13 who have been elected as this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl (2017/18). Meredydd Walker and Eve Jones were also elected Deputy Head Pupils. Their work has already begun, including the process of chairing and leading the School Council and school activities and priorities. The quality of the presentations this year were very high by everyone taking part – well done! We look forward to the work from your lead pupils over the year.


Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy School Council 2016/17

School CouncilAt the beginning of the Autumn Term 2016 representatives from each class were elected to sit on the Year Forums from Year 7 to Year 13. These Forums have then eleced their representatives for this year’s School Council. This is the group of learners who will lead on Pupil Voice at the school. Congratulations to each one of them for being elected by their peers for these essential forums! We wish them all the best as they take on these important roles over the year.

This year the Council’s work will include:

- Representing the pupils on the School Governing Body – Leusa Ellis and Russell Wingfield our Head Boy and Head Girl have been elected this year to take on this role;
- Representing pupils in the monthly meetings with Sodexo who manage the school site and catering – Rosie Pearson has been elected to this role;
- Acting on the Council’’s Development Plan – one of the things the 2015/16 Council put in place for their successors;
- Meeting to arrange specific events e.g. Children in Need 18/11/16;
- Identifying good causes and charities to support to include: Macmillan Cancer Care, Jeans for Genes, Christmas Child Box Appeal ...
- Reviewing and helping to implement the school Anti-bullying policy;
- The opportunity to meet and discuss key aspects of pupils’ experiences at the school;
- And much more!

National Quality Award from the Welsh Healthy Schools Scheme

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have recently been awarded the National Quality Award from the Welsh Healthy Schools Scheme following a 2 day visit by representatives from the Welsh Government. Pupils from the School Council, Healthy Schools (BOBs) Group, Sports Council and Eco Council presented the school’s work in promoting wellbeing at the school. Some of the strengths noted in the report are the: ‘The very well organised and successful school council’; “student participation across the age range of the school and the mature way these groups deal with their work”; and “the behaviour and courtesy of students.” The role of key partners in the school such as the school nurse, Mrs Sian Edwards and School Counsellor, Ms Jill Riley were also recognised. The work of the Physical Education department, including the range of extracurricular activities provided was also noted as a strength in the report.

In the feedback to pupils contained in the report, Mrs Eurwen Hulmston said: “You were very welcoming and open in your discussions and the behaviour of all students was outstanding - polite, cheerful and welcoming. A calm and happy atmosphere at Dyffryn Conwy is indicative I believe, of the fact that the students feel happy and safe at school.” She also added that: “student participation in school is particularly high and it is good to see young people who are so willing to share their time, skills and maturity with others to help them live healthier and safer lives. The work of the Sex Education Buddies, the Sports Ambassadors, the school council, the BOB's and 6th form teams was extremely good. Well done all of you.” Pupils and staff were delighted that the hard work, contributions and behaviour of the pupils had been recognised in this very positive report. We would like to thank Mrs Wendy Ostler, Conwy’s support officer for helping us as well as Mrs Ann Davies, the school’s Health Education Co-ordinator and Assistant Head Miss Llio Japheth for all their work in preparing for and co-ordinating the visit, as well as to the pupils, staff and partners of the school who were part of the two days’ visit.
The school will receive their award at a ceremony on the 14th of July held by Conwy Authority. The full report can be accessed here.