Assessment and Examinations


Internal Exams for Year 11 25/11/20 – 01/12/20 - click here (Welsh only available)

Reporting to Parents Calendar 2019/20 - click here

Letters for Parents 2019:

Yr.11 Revision 2019 - click here (Welsh only available)
Timetable for National Reading and Numeracy Tests - click here
Year 10 pupils and parents/carers - click here
Yr.11 Exams and Revision 2019 - click here
F.A.O. Year 12 Students and Parents - click here

Information Booklet GCSE Examinations Years 10 & 11 - click here


External Examinations Summer 2019: Useful Websites for Revision and External Examinations

BBC Bitesize Website: click here
Worried about your exams, take a look at the BBC’s new resource, ‘The Mindset’: click here
WJEC Students’ Pages: click here