School Health and Wellbeing Council

School Health and Wellbeing Council 2020/21


Congratulations to the members of the 2020/21 Health and Wellbeing Council who are now after a period of submitting an application and having taken up their important roles as lead members of the school. We very much look forward to their input into the 5 ways to Health and the development of the health and wellbeing of the school over the academic year.


Sports Council 2019/20

Extra Curricular SportsCongratulations to the members of this year’s Sports Council on their appointments for 2019/20. We look forward to their valuable contributions to the Physical Education and Extracurricular programme at the school over the next year under the guidance of Mr Ricky Jones.

Extracurricular Sporting Activities

Extra Curricular SportsFor more information - click here


The School Council has been busy this term. To find out more, watch this video clip - click here

School Sports Council and Young Ambassadors

Sports CouncilSchool Sports Council and Young Ambassadors - click here