Specific days for the pupils to visit Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy are arranged for October and July.

During a pupil’s first five years at secondary school a total of 25 hours per week is spent in lessons. These hours include Religious Education, but not the daily statutory act of collective worship, registration or break time.
The school day is split into 6 lessons (50 minutes):

08:55 - 09:15 - Registration, assembly and tutorial
09:15 - 10:05 - Lesson 1
10:05 - 10:55 - Lesson 2
Break for 15 minutes
11:10 - 12:00 - Lesson 3
12:00 - 12:50 - Lesson 4
1.45 - 2.40
- Registration and Lesson 5
2:40 - 3:30 - Lesson 6




White polo shirt with school logo – no visible T Shirt underneath; and a Maroon sweatshirt with school logo

Flat Black shoes - no coloured laces – no coloured logo.

Black knee length skirt or black tailored trousers, white/black socks, or black tights with skirts

Black tailored trousers, Dark socks
(NB - *Jeans of any kind and leggings are not acceptable as part of the school uniform)

For health and safety reasons: one earing in each ear, no other piercings and no bracelets or necklaces.


Blue Polo Shirt with school logo Blue Polo Shirt with school
Blue Rugby shirt Yellow Rugby shirt
Blue shorts Blue shorts
Blue socks Blue socks
Trainers Trainers
Towel for showers Towel for showers
One piece costume (any colour) Trunks (any colour)
Towel Towel
Cross Country/Athletics
Blue Polo shirt with school logo Blue Polo Shirt with school
Blue shorts Blue shorts
Trainers Trainers

*It is essential that pupils’ names are put on their clothing (particularly jumpers and PE Kit) in order to identify and return any lost property.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that all our pupils follow this policy.

  • A strong and suitable school bag
  • General equipment such as biros, pencils, colouring pencils, ruler, compass, protractor, calculator
  • The school will provide a planner and terminology book for every pupil.

The use of mobile phones, ipods or any other MP3 player in classes is strictly prohibited. All individuals are responsible for their personal equipment and everything should be clearly marked.

Hot meals and snacks are provided by Sodexo. The school has a canteen and cafe, as well as provisions for pupils who prefer to bring in a packed lunch. Some of the pupils are entitled to free school meals. Contact the school to request forms if you think that you’re entitled.
Pupils in years 7-11 are not permitted to leave the school grounds at break time or lunch time. There is plenty of space within the school for pupils to enjoy break time, and suitable supervision is ensured.

The form tutor has the responsibility to register pupils each morning and afternoon. In the case of any
absence from school:

  • Parents should advise the Form Tutor of any expected absence e.g. hospital/dental appointments.
    • Pupils that leave the school premises before 3:30 pm must ‘sign out’ at reception.
  • Parents should inform the school of any unexpected absences/or if a pupil is late e.g. illness
    • Telephone reception 01492 642 800 or email at the
      earliest opportunity.
    • Confirm in writing (a short letter of explanation) as soon as the pupil returns to school.
    • Pupils late to school (after 9:00 am) must ‘sign in’ at reception.
  • Parents on annual holiday during term time must complete a holiday form in advance (available
    from the Head of Year) and authorised by Headmaster.

It is recommended that:

  • Where possible, dental appointments should be arranged outside of school hours.
  • Parents are asked not to arrange holidays during school term time.

We offer various kinds of support for pupils, depending on their individual needs. Some of the pupils receive support in their classes from teaching assistants, who support individuals or small groups of pupils. Support is also provided by teachers who specialize in specific difficulties such as dyslexia and speech and language. The school has a special unit for pupils who have moderate difficulties.

We are all responsible for the development and welfare of the pupils. All teachers will monitor the pupils’ development in the subjects, and the class tutors will keep a general eye on the pupils’ development in their tutor classes. We also have excellent pastoral care which includes the heads of
year and an inclusion coordinator.

Head of Year 7: Mrs Gwenno Watson
Head of Years 8 and 9: Miss Ffion Williams & Miss Branwen McBride
Head of Years 10 and 11: Mrs Delyth Gray
Inclusion and Looked after Children co-ordinator: rs Delyth Gray

We also keep a close eye on the pupils’ academic progress and report regularly to parents. We use a variety of methods to ensure a close relationship between the school and home. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to visit the school to discuss your child’s progress, and you’re welcome to contact the school at any time if you wish to have a further discussion. Parents are also invited to attend a variety of events organized by the school. Individual interviews can also be arranged, provided that parents contact the school beforehand to make arrangements.
Teachers will give regular comments on the pupils work, and we expect all pupils to record their homework in their planner. It’s important that you, as parents take an interest in your child’s work. We advise you to look through your child’s books regularly and ensure that they take note of the teachers’ comments.

Bullying is not a major problem at the school but we must keep vigilant. The school takes every incident of bullying very seriously and all cases are investigated and records are kept. This is true regarding every type of bullying, including the increasing problem of ‘cyber bullying’, such as through the internet and mobile phones. We take great pride in the close and civilized community that we have here, at Ysgol Dyffryn
Conwy. However if a child feels that they’re the victim of bullying, they should report it to a teacher immediately, so that the situation can be dealt with at once. By working together, we can ensure that bullying is not a major problem at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy.

The school places great emphasis on good behaviour, respect and courtesy. A positive discipline system is in operation and there are consequences to misbehaviour. Every teacher is responsible for discipline in their own class, and pupils are referred as necessary, to the appropriate Head of Year, the Head of Social Inclusion, and members of the Senior Management Team, in more serious cases. We will liaise with parents as well, in cases of serious or constant misbehaviour, so that we can work together to resolve the problem.

The Head can suspend any pupil from attending the school for a short period, as a result of serious misbehaviour. Any permanent suspension is considered fully by the Governing Body, and a set procedure has to be followed for such meetings and also for fixed term exclusions of between 5 and 15 days.

We have an effective careers and world of work programme here at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy; our main aim is to develop the skills, attitude and abilities which will enable the pupils to assume a variety of jobs and situations in adulthood. We take advantage of every opportunity to refer to the world of work and
the economic situation during lessons and tutorial periods.

From Year 9 onwards, there is an increased focus on this and careers and the world of work is part of the curriculum as the pupils decide which subjects they will study. The school, in compliance with the 14-19 Learning Pathways, ensures that every pupil is given non-biased guidance and assistance. We
also provide each pupil with an individual learning pathway. All Year 9 pupils use the Careers Wales website to ensure that they have the best possible assistance.

Careers Wales will arrange individual interviews for all pupils. All Years 10 and 12 pupils have a specific period of work experience. The Careers Wales advisors visit the school regularly and give the older pupils individual careers interviews. The company also arranges activities with groups of pupils
and careers conferences in the area for the pupils and their parents. A representative from Careers Wales will be present during Years 9-13 parents evenings.


  • choose suitable options, based on their interests, ability and style of learning
  • choose options which will give them the opportunities to reach their potential
  • will be given opportunities to develop skills for life and work
  • will have access to qualified or general opportunities.

The Governing Body has adopted a policy of charging pupils for:

  • some extra-curricular activities
  • external examinations where the learner has failed to achieve the requirements or has not attended the examination and given an adequate reason
  • re-sitting A-level modular examinations and re-sitting GCSE examinations for the third time
  • deliberate damage to school property or for the loss of school property
  • the cost of accommodation and food during educational visits.

The school will ask parents for a voluntary contribution for some activities where it is not possible to charge, but will ensure that pupils will not be excluded if their parents are unable to make a contribution. It’s possible that the school will not be able to go ahead with some activities without
sufficient voluntary contributions.

The school competes against other educational establishments in football, rugby, netball, hockey, golf, athletics, cricket, dance, swimming and individuals have represented the school in other areas. Please see ‘Y Bont’ (the school magazine) for details of the latest fixtures and results.
Rugby and skiing trips abroad are arranged regularly and the school works closely with local sports clubs and outdoor pursuit’s centres. The school has full access to the resources in the Leisure Centre.

The school takes advantage of projects such as school-community sports and we encourage as many children as possible to take part, working with Llanrwst Leisure Centre, the LA and our Primary Schools. We have a sport officer in the school who arranges various activities during lunchtime and are working in partnership with the WRU, Nant Conwy Rugby Club and sponsors Zip World to develop rugby and pupils' leadership and learning skills through appointing a new Rugby Development Officer.

The school is well known for its public performances – such as the musicals ‘Grease’ (2009), 'Hairspray' (2012) and 'Peter Pan' (2014) as well as regular concerts/carol services. The school choir and singing groups do very well in eisteddfod competitions and national festivals.

The school holds a biannual Eisteddfod led by our 6th formers which gives our pupils and young people a special opportunity to develop their talents – be it cerdd dant or disco dancing.

We also have a variety of clubs in the school, and many different activities take place on the school fields during lunchtime; teams and individuals from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have done very well in sports – locally, on a county level and nationally. By now our regular clubs also include the unique Fishing Club and very successful Equestrian Club. You can catch up with all the pupils successes by reading ‘The Bont’, the school magazine.

The school will do everything possible to give him/her the opportunity to develop their special talent – be it an academic talent or a talent in a different area. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact the school.








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