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The school’s Governing Body has adopted the following curricular objectives:

  1. Firstly and foremostly, to develop a civilized community, with an emphasis on moral and human values; develop self-respect and respect, tolerance and care towards others.
  2. Allow every individual to be a full member of the bilingual society to which he/she belongs.
  3. Enable every individual to acquire, develop and use language and mathematical skills.
  4. Give every individual the opportunity to develop intellectual, creative, social, practical and physical skills. Make them aware of man’s achievements and aspirations in the arts, the sciences and the search for a better society.
  5. Enable each individual to develop the information, attitude and skills which are relevant to
    adult life, employment and unemployment in a world that’s rapidly changing, continuing education and the creative use of leisure.
  6. Assist every pupil to understand the world in which he/she lives, and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

Please contact the Head, if you would like any further information regarding the school curriculum or individual subjects


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