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Equestrian Club – Success at Southview 29/9/18

Once again a superb success competing at Southview with everyone doing well and some of the highlights as follows:

• Twm Cernyw - 1st in the ‘preliminary dressage’
• Morgan Haeer – 4th in the ‘elimentary dressage’
• Jumping and style team, 75cm - Celyn Owen, Scarlett Owen, Twm Cernyw 4th; Scarlett 6th in the individual and the 85cm team 6th
• Jumping team, 75cm - Iri Davies, Harri Wheway, Celyn Owen, Morgan Haeer were 5th
• 85cm Scarlett Owen, Eben Davies, Harri Wheway, Twm Cernyw were 2nd
• 95cm Hermione Williams, Jac Cernyw, Eben Davies, Scarlett Owen yn 5ed

The pupils were all supportive of each other, important in light of responding to different challenges on the day. They were polite and looked fantastic in their new ‘hoodies’ in the school colours. We are very proud of all their achievements, a fantastic start to the club this year with both experienced and new members proving successful on the day. Our thanks to Ceri for co-ordinating their work and to all the parents and pupils involved for their work, energy and enthusiasm! Excellent – well done you!

Celebrating National European Languages Day: 26/9/18

As part of our work developing the Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning for the New Welsh Curriculum, the Modern Foreign Languages Department worked with pupils to deliver different languages in order to help learners in year 7 discover new languages, develop curiosity and an interest in other languages. This builds on our successful project with primary schools last term as part of our Global Futures Project, looking at the connections between different languages. It also builds on our links with the Rossario Language School in Argentina which led to both traditional and modern links between pupils from both schools and an enjoyable visit from pupils and colleagues at the end of last term.

Patrick, one of our 6th form Linguists talks about his experience of the National European Languages Day:

“My name's Patrick, a 6th form student here at Ysgol Dyffyn Conwy. As it was National European Language Day on September 26, the Modern Language department decided to provide some less common foreign language lessons to some of the year 7 pupils. Ms Phillips, one of our French teachers willingly prepared a German lesson for 7G, and I held a Polish lesson for 7M, with some help from my friend Marek, in year 8. We, as the language department, found it important to introduce some different modern languages to what most schools have to offer because the number of secondary school students deciding to pursue languages is rapidly decreasing, with only 5 pupils in the whole of the Conwy Valley choosing French for A level, 3 of which are from our school. We were pressed for time, however, I managed to teach the pupils how to have a simple conversation about themselves, how to appropriately greet each other and also how to count to 5. I was overall very pleased with hope the lesson went, I just wish that I had more time. Surprisingly, throughout the remainder of the week, I would receive pupils greeting me in Polish and asking when their next lesson would be! I am glad that I was able to shed some light on my history and heritage to some of the year 7s and I hope to begin a club where the eager and enthusiastic pupils could learn some more about this beautiful language.”

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Parents’ Evenings and Reports Calendar 2018/19



More information - click here (pdf)

School Council 2018/19

2 fachgenCongratulations to all the members of the new School Council 2018/19. Following a process of election at class, year and school level new representatives from each year group have been elected to lead on pupil voice over the next year. The Council meet regularly to discuss both school and pupil priorities. We wish them well in their new responsibilities over the next year. You can learn more about the work of the Council and your year representatives on their bulletin board, through audio-visual presentations during Tutorial lessons and on the screens around the school.

Head Pupils 2018/19

2 fachgenFollowing a process of application, interviews, presentations and election, our Head Pupils for 2018/19 have now been elected. The 6th form were given a presentation by last year’s Pupil Leadership Team explaining the roles and experiences they had during 2017/18.

As a result a number applied for the posts and following the application and interview process, 5 students presented their pitch to their fellow 6th formers in the school hall on the 18th of September.

By now Jake and Efa have taken on the posts of Head Pupils with Trystan, Elen and Elan supporting them as Deputy Head Pupils. We wish all 5 the best for their year of leadership. They show the promise of an excellent leadership team who will make the most of their opportunities, responsibilities and leadership and presentation skills over the next year.

Some of their first responsibilities will be to:
- Lead the School Council;
- Represent pupils on the School Governing Body; and
- Taking a key role in the forthcoming Year 5 and 6 Open Evening.

Gwobr Marc Ansawdd Gyrfaoedd 2018

2 fachgenAr ddydd Gwener yr 21ain o Fedi daeth Phil Jones o Gyrfa Cymru i gyflwyno tystysgrif ar gyfer Marc Ansawdd Gyrfaoedd i’r ysgol. Cyflwynir y tystysgrif yn sgil y gwaith mae’r ysgol yn ei wneud ar gyfer hyrwyddo gyrfaoedd a byd gwaith. Bu cyfnod o wirio gweithgareddau a profiadau byd gwaith yr ysgol cyn llunio arfarniad ac adnabod blaenoriaethau newydd ar gyfer y flwyddyn nesaf. Cyflwynwyd y wobr i Mrs Elliw Davies, Cydlynydd Gyrfaoedd a Byd Gwaith yr ysgol gan Mr Phil Jones a Mr Stephen Williams, Swyddog Gyrfaoedd Gyrfa Cymru yr ysgol.


Mae’r gweithgareddau mae’r ysgol yn ei gynnig fel profiadau byd gwaith yn cynnwys:

  • • Diwrnod cyfweliadau blwyddyn 11. Bob tymor yr Hydref mae disgyblion blwyddyn 11 yn cael y profiad o lunio ceisiadau a CVs ar gyfer gwahanol swyddi. Arweinir hyn at ddiwrnod o gyfweliadau gan bartneriaid busnes a byd gwaith lleol yr ysgol. Mae gwobrau yn cael eu cynnal ar ddiwedd y dydd i ymgeiswyr gan ystyried eu ceisiadau, eu cyfweliadau ac agweddau fel ymddangosiad proffesiynol a’u sgiliau cyfweld. Rydym yn ddiolchgar iawn i’n partneriaid am eu cefnogaeth yn y gwaith ac yn edrych ymlaen yn barod at y diwrnod cyfweliadau eleni fydd yn cael ei gynnal ar ddydd Gwener y 26ain o Hydref. Mae Mr Doug Blair, un o’n partneriaid eisoes wedi bod yn cyflwyno i flwyddyn 11 er mwyn eu sbarduno ar gyfer y broses.
    • Wythnos profiadau byd gwaith blwyddyn 10. Fel rhan o’r wythnos hon mae disgyblion yn cael cyfleoedd i weithio gyda cwmni Learning Performance ar sgiliau cyfweld ac ymgeisio am swyddi; i gyfarfod ac i ymweld a cyflogwyr lleol a rhanbarthol; ac i gymryd rhan mewn gweithdu’r ddraig i ddatblygu eu sgiliau menter. Mae’r wythnos yn pontio y disgyblion i’w Her Menter Bac, her maent yn ei wneud dan arweiniad yr Adran Wyddoniaeth yn ystod blwyddyn 11.
    • Ffair Gyrfaoedd i flwyddyn 9 a 10. Unwaith eto cyfle arbennig i gyflogwyr a mentrau lleol gydweithio gyda’r ysgol i gyflwyno disgyblion i rai o’r gyrfaoedd sydd ar gael iddynt.
    • Ffair Sgiliau Venue Cymru. Bob Hydref mae cyfle i ddisgyblion fynychu Ffair Sgiliau Venue Cymru. Eleni bydd blwyddyn 10 yn mynychu am fore yn ystod mis Hydref i brofi amrywiaeth o stondinau a gweithgareddau yn ymwneud a byd gwaith a sgiliau byd gwaith.
    • Wythnos Prentisiaethau. Yn flynyddol mae cyfle i ddisgyblion hyn yr ysgol glywed am gyfleoedd ym maes Prentisiaethau gan gynnwys clywed o brofiadau uniongyrchol prentisiaethau.
    • Cyngor a sesiynau grwp gan Cynghorydd Gyrfa Cymru yr ysgol. Mae Mr Stephen Williams, Cyngorydd Gyrfa Cymru ar gael yn ystod nosweithiau rhieni o flwyddyn 9 ymlaen; ar ddiwrnodau canlyniadau er mwyn rhoi cyngor; ac yn ystod y flwyddyn drwy wahanol ddulliau gan gynnwys – cefnogaeth ar lein, grwpiau ffocws, gwasanaethau blwyddyn, cyfnodau tiwtorial, seisynau galw mewn 1-1/dros y we neu’r ffon. Mae cyngor ac arweiniad parhaus ar gael hefyd drwy safwe Gyrfa Cymru. Caiff pob ddisgybl enw defnyddiwr a cyfrinair yn ystod eu proses dewisiadau pwnc ym mlwyddyn 9. Mae hyn yn rhoi mynediad parod iddynt i gynor, gwybodaeth ac arweiniad o hynny ymlaen.

Annual Awards Ceremony 2018

We had the opportunity, Tuesday evening the 11th of September, to celebrate the achievements of many of our pupils with the support of our local community. Supporting one of the awards this year was the Mayor of Llanrwst, Counsellor Ian Jenkins, awarding year 13 pupil Shannon Jones for her work with young people in the local area and beyond for the charity Young Carers. Dyffryn Conwy Rotary were also generous in their support of the 10 best GCSE results again this year. We thank the Rotary for their continued support. In light of our highest results in the A*/A grade a further 10 learners also received an award on the evening. We are delighted to have been able to recognise the high achievement of so many of our young people.

Receiving the Governors’ Awards for the highest A Level Achievements this year were: Cadi Edwards, Elin Cawley, Stuart Phelen and Owain Williams. We wish all four of them the best at University this year. Receiving awards for the best AS results this year were: Pearson, Efa Celyn Davies, Amman Abbasi and Trystan Jones. We very much look forward to their continued success this year and their A Level results next Summer.

Receiving awards on the evening too were the 10 highest achievers at KS3. In presenting the awards to year 9, Mr Roberts spoke of the challenge of doing so well across a range of very different subjects. Pupils who gained the highest results in the national Literacy and Numeracy tests were also awarded on the evening with individuals showing success across the different disciplines. Attendance at 100% was also awarded on the evening, not an easy feat last year following the difficult weather during the Winter and Spring. We would like to thank Llew Jones for sponsoring this award again this year.

Receiving a Special Recognition Award on the evening was Eve Jones, Deputy Head Girl for 2017/18 who has work superbly with vulnerable learners within the ALN unit. It was excellent to be able to acknowledge the work that Eve has done over the last year in this role.

A group of talented musicians from our 6th form also entertained us during the evening – Angharad, Elliw and Modlen with their ensemble of voice, harp and guitar; and Patrick Lynch on the piano. Thank you to all four for their valuable and excellent contribution to the evening. There was no better way to end the evening than through light refreshments in the canteen provided by ‘Popty Pen uchaf’ and a chance to speak to parents and pupils about their achievements and next steps. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the evening.

To see the Annual Awards Ceremony programme - click here

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New Term September 2018

It has been a pleasure to begin a new term and academic year in the company of staff and pupils at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy. Our new year 7 have settled in well following their induction week last term. Following their strong GCSE results almost 70 pupils have returned to/joined us in the 6th form this September. It’s also been lovely to see how smart our pupils are in our new school uniform. We would like to thank our pupils and their parents for all their support with this change.

PE Extracurricular Activities timetable


Extracurricular Sports Activities Timetable 2018. Join in with the activities!

Click here for more information.


Information about learner participation in extracurricular sporting/fitness activities 2017/18:

Read more about the different extracurricular sporting activities Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have taken part in. We are very proud of the range of activities and the increase in both girls and boys’ participation over the last year. Thank you to the Physical Education Department and our partnerships for sport and wellbeing for their work and support. We would also like to thank the pupils who have been coaching and running activities as part of the Sports Council and Young Ambassadors.

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Open Evening Year 5 a 6


Tuesday 9/10/2018
5.15 - 7.30 pm

We extend a warm welcome to all our year 5 and 6 pupils and their parents.

More information - click here (pdf)

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy GCSE Press Release 2018: 23/8/18

Ysgol Dyffryrn ConwyWe are delighted with this year’s GCSE results. Following continued strong results annually, the first results of the new Foundation subject GCSEs and performance measures today show the fruit of the pupils’ hard work over the last two years. The results of our most able learners this year are particularly strong, demonstrating their hard work and commitment across their subjects. On behalf of the whole school I would like to congratulate all our pupils and their families on these excellent results. We look forward to welcoming many of our pupils back to further their studies at our vibrant 6th form.

Amongst our excelling students this year are Elliw Ford who has gained an amazing full house of 13 A*s and Ethan Witt who has gained a full house of 11A*s. Other high fliers include: Gwen Arfon – 9A*, 3A and B; Isabel Walmsley – 7A*and 5As; Gruffudd Edwards – 6A*, 6A and B; Angharad Butler 5A* and 8As; Alyia Abbasi and Tomos Land - 4A*, 7A, 1B; Patrick Lynch – 5A*, 3 A, 4B and C; a Modlen Alun 3A*, 6A, B and 3Cs. Although most of our students have joined us at school to celebrate this morning, some have opened their results very far from Llanrwst, including Ethan Witt who is at his home in Africa where he studies for half the year. Another of our high achievers is Isabel who joined us at the end of year 10 and has adapted superbly to the different suite of qualifications in Wales compared with England. A further 10 pupils also gained at least 5A*/As or more this year – excellent results across their GCSE subjects which reflects the school’s excellent performance in the higher grades this year.

Amongst our subjects excelling this year are Art, Music, Drama and French where over half of pupils have gained the highest grades of A*/A.
I am thrilled at another strong year of results at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, especially in light of all the changes to the GCSEs this year. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on their results and wish them all the best in the future whether continuing in our 6th form, moving to college or to the world of work. I am very proud of them and look forward to hearing all their future success stories. I would also like to thank the staff who have taught them for their continued hard work and to our very supportive parents. This is a day for celebration and pride.

A Busy A Level Results Day at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 2018: 16/8/18

Ysgol Dyffryrn Conwy Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils have once again performed exceptionally well with some outstanding results! This year’s results show continued success in traditional Advanced Level courses and Vocational A Levels and BTECs. We congratulate all our pupils on their results and wish them all the best in their next steps and futures. Among our high achievers this year is Cadi Edwards who has gained an A*AAA and intends to study French and Spanish at Cambridge University. Also Elin Cawley A*A*B and the Welsh Bac who will be studying Psychology in Bristol; Stuart Phelan Distinction*AB and the Bac and Owain Williams Distinction*AB and the Bac. Congratulations to each one of them. We are also delighted with our strong AS results this year – well done year 12!

Pictured are Cadi and Elin and Owain, three of our high fliers. Congratulations on their excellent results. We wish them all the best with their courses.

Today is a day for celebration – well done! We are all extremely proud of our pupils’ achievements. They have worked hard over the last two years to gain their results and to plan their next steps for the future. I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the School and its Governors to congratulate all pupils their parents and families, and all of our staff for their continued hard work and dedication.

We wish all our students every success in the future and look forward to tracking their achievement through University, further study and their future careers.

2018/19 Key Dates

posterWe wish all our pupils and families a good summer break.

For more information about 2018/19 key dates - click here

Memories from the Activities Week 2018

Memories from the Activities Week Ysgol Dyffryn ConwyMemories from the Activities Week 2018 - Click here (pdf)


Read for Good

2 fachgen£87.68 was raised this year by year 7 pupils that were sponsored to read during morning registration periods. The money has been sent to support the charity shown above that enables hospitals to buy new books for children that are unwell. Thank you very much year 7 for your support and well done!

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, Annual Sponsored Walk, 13/7/18

2 fachgenWe had a fantastic day on Friday the 13th of July for our annual sponsored walk in Gwydir Forest. Despite the terrible weather forcast, the day proved ideal for the walk – dry and a bit cooler than it has been of late! The first group – the runners – set off promptly at 9.30am with Mr Beech and Miss Hannah Jones. They were also the first to return, with Math Thomas in first place and Evan Burgess second. Well done!

Everyone then set off in groups of around 10 pupils with each member of staff, following the route marshalled by our older pupils and members of staff. Everyone returned, tired, having enjoyed and having succeeded with the walk! Just in time for lunch before an afternoon gig from the band, Cledrau – a perfect way to end a hectic activities week. Thank you to all the staff and pupils who took part in the walk. Thank you too, to everyone who has sponsored our pupils – the money this year goes to the 2019 Eisteddfod apeal and to support some of the activities during the week. A special thanks to Miss Branwen McBride who planned, arranged and organised the day – a job well done! We look forward to an equally successful day next year.

Visit from pupils and staff from the Language Centre, ‘Centro Britanico’, Rosario, Argentina:

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It was a pleasure to welcome pupils and staff from the English Language Centre, ‘Centro Britanico’ to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy on the last Monday of the Summer Term. Having had weeks of bright sunshine in Llanrwst, the day brought with it our more typical weather of clouds and rain, but also a minibus of pupils along with staff from Argentina to brighten our day.

During the morning, pupils had a chance to learn about Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy both through a tour of the school and from a presentation and talking to pupils; we shared some Welsh food including local ‘Barabrith; and shared some Welsh in return for a little Spanish from our guests.

After lunch together we also had the chance to learn more about Argentinian culture, such as foods, well known places and traditions, and the importance of Football. In return we shared information about Welsh traditions, studying in a bilingual school, the Welsh language and Eisteddfodau, and the importance of Rugby. An enjoyable time was had by all. A good chance to learn about a different culture and to meet the pupils we have been contacting through traditional post and through the internet. We had the chance to enjoy some of their traditions including tasting meze and some of their traditional sweets with dulce leche. We wish them all the best on their return journey to Argentina and look forward to keeping in touch with them in the future. Our thanks to the pupils from the School Council for looking after our guests.

2018 Activities Week

The annual Activities Week 2018 is in full swing with pupils from Years 7-10 enjoying a range of activities within the school and out of school. You can read more about the week’s programme of activities in the following booklets. Updates over the week will be shared through our Twitter account.

Yr 7 2018 Activities Week - click here

Yr 8 2018 Activities Week - click here

Yr 9 2018 Activities Week - click here

Yr. 10 2018 World of Work Week - click here

Congratulations: Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Biking Champions

Pupils from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy recently competed in the Conwy Mountain Biking Competition. The winning teams will go on to the next round of the competition at Nant BH on the 28th of June. Congratulations to all who took part. Thank you to Mr Jason Turner and Mr Penri Jones for arranging and supporting.

Bechgyn Blwyddyn 7 & 8 Boys
2nd Dyffryn Conwy 1 ( Osian, Torin & Daniel) with 32 points = Highest Placed 4th in Time Trial was Torin
4th Dyffryn Conwy 2 (Dafydd, Shay & Guto) with 71 points

Bechgyn Blwyddyn 9 & 10 Boys
2nd Dyffryn Conwy 1 ( Lewis, Toby & Gareth) with 44 points
5th Dyffryn Conwy 2 (Sam, Kyle & Logan) with 88 points

Working in partnership with Conwy and Llanrwst Library Services

We are delighted to have begun a new partnership with our local libraries in Conwy including Llanrwst Library. As part of this partnership there will be opportunities for parents and pupils to find our more about the library service, to look at books that might be of interest; to renew membership or to join the library; and to order books on line from the library service.


Using and visiting local libraries can be a useful tool to support reading for pleasure, homework, study and revision. The library service is keen to work with us as a school to support our pupils and we will be using our school reading champions to help select books to replenish our school resources and to recommend new books for the local libraries.


If you, as a parent or a pupil, would like more information or to renew membership/join your local library we have arranged that a representative from Llanrwst Library will be available during our parents' evenings to share information and hep with making best use of the library services. They will be available during:

- our Year 7 Parents' Evening, Tuesday the 19/6/18
- Year 6 Information Evening for Parents, Tuesday, 3/7/18
and during our Open Evening for Year 5 and 6 parents in the Autumn Term 2018.

For further information, click here

Online Safety Workshops for Parents

posterWe will be hosting our free online safety workshop for parents at our school on June 25th

For more information - click here

Eisteddfod yr Urdd Brycheiniog and Maesyfed 2018 Successes

A huge congratulations to everyone who competed in the Urdd Eisteddfod at Brycheiniog and Maesyfed over half term.

Amongst the successes were:
• Christopher Sabiski – 1st in both the Harp solo and Wind Instruments solo for Years 7, 8 and 9.
• Cadi Gwyn Edwards – an amazing 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for Music Composition, years 12 and 13.
• Modlen ac Elenid Alun – 2nd in the ‘Cerdd Dant’ duet for year 10 and under 19 years old.
• Cari and Marged 3rd in the ‘Cerdd Dant’ duet for years 7, 8 and 9.

RugbyMany pupils also were successful in the Art and Craft competitions:
• Ela Owen – 1st for her 2D Design work, 2D Year 10 and under 19 years old.
• Cai Williams – 1st for a Mask/Puppet, Year 10 and under 19 years old.
• Parti Twm Cai – 3rd for Creative 3D work, years 7, 8 and 9.
• Cai Williams – 3rd for creating an Arfeffact, years 7, 8 and 9.
• Cadi Llyn Davies – 2nd for her Ceramics/Pottery for years 7, 8 and 9.

Click here for more photos

Congratulations to each one of you. We are very pleased and proud of your achievements. Thank you also to the staff who trained/supported you and to our parents for their support too.

A very successful term of Rugby

Pupils from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy had an excellent term of success in rugby, competing in local, regional and national competitions and winning almost all of them. We are very proud of all their achievements and are particularly grateful to Mr Kevin Thomas, the school’s Rugby Development Officer for training, supporting, transporting and organising the teams for all their competitions. Below is a summary of their success. You can learn more by following the PE Department’s Twitter feed: @PEDyffrynConwy.

Eryri Cup – 15 aside
Under 13s –Eryri Cup Winners
Under15s – Eryri Cup Winners
Under 18s – Eryri Cup Winners


North Wales Cup (RGC)
Under 13 – Winners against Ysgol Glan Clwyd
Under 15 – Winners against Ysgol Caereinion
Under 16– Winners against Ysgol Drenewydd


7 aside Competition (North Wales)
Year 7/8 – finalistsl
Year 9/10 – Winners


Year 7/8 Girls – North Wales winners

Wales 7 aside Competition:
Year 7/8 winners.

Wales 12 aside Competition
Under 18 girls’ – Representing North Wales as Regional Champions

Year 13 Progress File Ceremony: Friday 25/5/18

On the last evening of half term we had the pleasure of wishing our year 13 a formal farewell. It was a lovely evening, full of memories, an opportunity to celebrate and to thank. We were inspired by a presentation by former pupil, Russell Morris, now a Professor of Chemistry at St. Andrews University in Scotland. He shared many of his memories of the school, his experiences and career development since leaving Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, as well as words of wisdom for our pupils about making the most of their future opportunities. We also enjoyed a musical item from 6th form pupils Chloe and Ffion; presentations from our Head Pupils, Rhydian, Mali, Eve and Meredydd along with inspiration for both mind and heart from Mrs Glenda Barlow, 6th Form Progress Leader. At the end of the evening there was an opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments with pupils and their parents in the school canteen. Thank you to the staff who arranged the evening, everyone who attended and to both staff and pupils who took part in the ceremony. Our thanks also to our guest speaker, Russell Morris. Click here for more information.

Llongyfarchiadau i Gruffudd a Dylan ar cael ei capio i Dim Cymru (Welsh only available)

RugbyLlongyfarchiadau i Dylan a Gruffudd ar ennill eu capiau tim pysgota plu Cymru dan 18.

£1,000 raised for Leukemia Charities including ‘Cronfa Caio’

disgyblion disgyblion

A huge thanks to all the staff and students who supported this special Charity day on Friday 27th of April. The charities supported are close to our hearts. Through an own clothes day (which included 6th form and staff ‘fancy dress’), stalls, raffle and activities, £1,000 was raised towards our special causes. Amazing! Thank you in particular to the School Council and our Head Pupils who were busy arranging and managing the day’s events, holding a raffle over the week, advertising and organising stalls and activities. A lot of fun was had during the day including an awesome obstacle race – particularly challenging for those in fancy dress! Thank you to everyone who took part. Here are some photos of the staff and winning 6th form entries in their fancy dress.

Geography Trip to Iceland: Easter 2018

pupils pupils

Over the Easter break I was fortunate enough to travel with the Geography Department to Icelant. Iceland is a volcanic island that is well known for its wide range of geographical features, as we saw during our visit.

After a morning of travel, we visited the ‘Blue Lagoon’, a geothermal pool in the centre of an ice filed in Grindavik. Whilst there we were able to try a mud mask made of algae, silica and minerals. Having settled into our hotel we walked to the centre of the capital city, Reykavik. We passed many famous coloured houses and the well known statue, ‘Sun Voyager’ by Jon Gunnar Arnason. We also tasted some of Reykavik’s traditional street food.

On our second morning, after an early start, we enjoyed a bus ride around the ‘Golden Circle’, one of the most popular sightseeing trips around the country. Or first stop on the trip was the national park, Thingvellir, where we saw the Prime Minister’s Summer house and the exceptional surrounding landscapes. We walked through the gap between the North American and European tectonic places, before standing on the spot where the National Senate of Iceland first began in 930AC.

Next we visited the popular ‘Strokkur’ ‘hot springs’/geysers in Haukadalur. The view was amazing, to see the steaming water gushing up to 20 metres in the air at short notice. Our last stop on this journey was the Gullfoss waterfall, often called the ‘Golden Waterfalls’. We had the opportunity to see the falls from two different viewpoints – before and above the waterfall. On our way back to the hotel we visited the famous, Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral where we walked to the top of the tower to see the fantastic views of Reykavik.

On our last day we went on a journey around the southern coast where we saw many waterfalls including Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. We also saw a famous volcano called Eyjafjallajökullwhich last erupted in 2010 and is still live today. After we went to the sand beach, du Reynisfjara, one of the strangest beaches in the country thanks to its special rock formations and basalt columns. On our way back we visited a brand new interactive museum all about volcanoes and lava. We walked through timelines going back in time to show the journey of all the volcano eruptions on the island.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and will have fantastic memories of the country and its amazing landscapes. We all received a certificate and award on our way home. I would like to thank Mr Carwyn Williams, Head of Geography for arranging and guiding us on such an amazing trip.
Nel Davies 10C


National Literacy And Numeracy Tests Timetable:

To view the timetable - click here

Radio Wales visits:

Radio Cymru

It was lovely to welcome back one of our former pupils Elin Medi to interview pupils from year 11 on their views about the right to vote at 16 years old. The pupils from year 11 were interviewed for the programme ‘Dal Pen Rheswm’ which was broadcast on the 15/3/18. Congratulations to Gwion, Elliw, Heledd and Alaw who took part.

Urdd 7 aside Rugby Champions: Year 7 and 8 winners 2018:

RugbyCongratulations to the girls’ Rugby year 7 and 8 team who won all the rounds in the recent urdd 7 aside championship tournament in Cardiff. Excellent results girls – well done! Thank you to Mr Kevin Thomas for coaching and arranging the event and to Mrs Glesni Rogers Jones who accompanied the girls to South Wales.

Winners of the North Wales Robotics Competition:

Wales Robotics CompetitionAs part of a project to develop learners' digital skills in science a group of year 8 and 9 pupils have been hard at work developing a robot, presentation and video for a recent regional competition. They competed in Rhyl Town Hall on Friday 9/3/18 to much praise. The fideo and presentation showed the design work that they had gone through in developing their robot. They were very successful during the competition and we have now had confirmation that they are the regional winners for their robot! They also came first with their fideo! This means that the equipment that they have worked with in developing their robot can be kept by the club as well as winning an additional £100 and £25 towards further development. Thank you to Mr Carl Thatcher who has been coaching ther group. Congratulations to all involved:

Elliot Wright, Jamie Williams, Lucy Farrell, Evan Burgess, Elea Chennel, Amy Ingham, Lily Taylor, Sam Fahy, Wil Neale, Tomi Butler, Olivia Wilding, Jonathan Driver, Ella Campbell, Libbie Thomas.

Spring Sporting Successes:

Congratulations to the climbing team on winning the Conwy Schools' competition at Ysgol y Gogarth. The following pupils will represent the school at the Eryri finals. Jacob Duncalf, Tomos Land, Gethin Lloyd and Pwyll Williams. Best wishes to each one of them.

Congratulations to the U13s and U18s football teams on reaching the quarter finals of the Welsh Football Cub. Unfortunately, both teams were enable to reach the semi finals.

Congratulations to our cross country runners at the Eryri and Welsh championships. Ella Grundy was our star performer, placing 3rd in Wales. Math Thomas, Tomos Land and Morgan Clwyd Jones also competed at the Welsh championships.

Congratulations to all our Sportshall athletics teams that competed at the recent Conwy championships. Two teams were successful and are Conwy champions.

Congratulations to the Year 10 pupils that successfully completed their Welsh Bac community challenge. They worked alongside the PE department to plan a multi activity day for over 100 pupils from our feeder schools. The day was enjoyed by all involved.

During the Autumn term, 57% of our pupils participated in extra curricula activities. We hope to see more pupils attending the activities available to them over the spring and summer term. Thank you to the senior pupils who support the activities for younger pupils, to the PE department and other members of staff who support the activities, along with our external partners – local clubs, Llanrwst Leisure Centre and Conwy Authority for supporting our activities.

Rugby update to follow …

Art and Craft Successes in the 2018 Regional round of the Urdd Eisteddfod:

Congratulations to the following pupils:

Year 7-9 2D Design
1af Jessica Jones
2il Sophie Coirer-Roberts
3ydd Owain Williams

Year 10 2D Design
1af Ela Owen

Year 7-9 Creative Work in 2D
1af Awen Williams
2il Rhudion Rees

Year 7-9 Monochrome Print
1af Eben Davies
2il Cai Williams

Year 10 Monochrome Print
1af Mali Evans

Year 7-9 Colour Print
1af Cai Williams

Year 10 Colour Print
1af Mali Evans

Year 7-9 Series of Colour Prints
1af Jessica Jones
2il Erin Mai Grove

Year 10 Series of Colour Prints
1af Mali Evans

Mask or Puppet
1af Cai Williams

32 Creative Work Year 7-9
1af Cadi, Mia a Lea
2il Parti Twm a Cai

Artefact Year 7-9
1af Cai Williams
2il Parti Ela Haf

Pottery/Ceramics – Year 7-9
1af Cadi Llyn Davies

Aberystwyth University Entry Scholarships 2018

Learners from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have been successful in the recent Entry Scholarships for Aberystwyth University. This year 68 scholarships have been awarded to students applying to study at Aberystwyth September 2018.

The following scholarships have been awarded this year: Stuart Phelan – Evan Morgan Scholarship; Owain Williams – Sir Alfred Jones Scholarship; unconditional offers for Lleucu Howatson, Awel Mai Roberts, Owain Vaughan a Lois Williams following their strong entry examination performance. Congratulations to each one of them.

Girls in Sport: BBC News

Two of our learners were recently interviewed for BBC news about girls’ participation in sport (10/3/18). You can read more and watch their responses through the following link. Well done Efa and Sara.

Urdd County Eisteddfod

As a school we are extremely proud of our young people that represented the School during the Urdd Eisteddfod on Saturday the 10th of March 2018 in Ysgol Y Creuddyn. After weeks of preparation, many pupils competed enthusiastically during prelims and on the stage. A warm congratulations to you all on your success and all the best to all that will be representing the school this May in the National Eisteddfod. We would also like to thank the members of staff that helped prepare the pupils for the Eisteddfod. Here are the fantastic results this year;

Girls Solo Year 7-9
1st Lea Morus Williams
2nd Erin Mai Grove

Boys Solo Year 7-9
1st Afan Jones
3rd Aron Brenig Jones

Duet Year 7-9
1st Lea a Lliwen
2nd Erin a Morgan
3rd Afan ac Aron

Girls Singing Party Year 7, 8 a 9
1st Parti Blwyddyn 7 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy
2nd Parti Merched 8 a 9 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

S.A. Choir Year 7, 8 a 9
2nd Cor Dyffryn Conwy

Vocal Ensemble Year 10 to 19 years old
1af Parti Sion Dafydd

Individual Folk Song Year 7, 8 a 9
1st Erin Mai Grove
2nd Afan Jones
3rd Enid Hughes

Individual Folk Song Year Bl. 10 to 19 years old
1st Sion Dafydd Edwards
2nd Modlen Alun

Harp Solo Year 7- 9
1af Christopher Sabisky

Woodwind Solo Year 7- 9
1st Christopher Sabisky

Brass Solo Year 7- 9
1st Lily Taylor

Piano Solo Year 7- 9
1st Elen Basset
2nd Ella Davies

Instrumental Duet Year 13 and under
1st Christopher a Chloe Louise

Cerdd Dant Solo Year 7 - 9
1st Lea Morus Williams
2nd Marged Alun

Cerdd Dant Duet Year 7- 9
1st Cari a Marged
2nd Erin a Morgan
3rd Anna Glyn a Lea Morus

Cerdd Dant Solo Year 10 to 19 years old
1st Modlen Alun (Adran Ysbyty Ifan)
2nd Sion Dafydd Edwards

Cerdd Dant Duet Year. 10 to 19 years old
1st Elenid a Modlen

Reciting Individual Year 7 - 9
1st Cadi Llyn Davies

Reciting Individual Year 10 to 19 years old
1st Sion Dafydd Edwards

Ymgom Year 7, 8 and 9
3rd Gruffudd, Afan, Aron a Noa

Musical Solo Year 10 to 19 years old
1st Modlen Alun (Adran Ysbyty Ifan)

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Robotics Club Competition Entry

On 19/3/18 the Dyffryn Conwy robotics group are taking part in a North Wales competition run by G2G communities in Rhyl Town Hall. Their hard work over the year has led to this point where different teams within the group have used their different skills to combine and best prepare themselves for the competition.

There has been the build team of Jonathan and Evan who on their 3rd design came up with one that both met the competition specification and desired range of functionality. Tomi came up with the storyboard and Lily Taylor used this as inspiration for the video introduction whilst Olivia prepared a presentation. Lily, Tomi, Amy and Elea also composed their own music to put on the video.

Now all of the groundwork has been completed it is up to the programmers of Elliot, Jamie, Samuel, Will and Ella to design a coding program to complete the competition tasks/missions. All of this has been closely monitored by group leader Lucy making sure everyone contributed and led by Physics teacher Carl Thatcher project managing the whole group.

Good luck Dyffryn Conwy in the competition.

Robotics Club Robotics Club  

Saint Dwynwen Concert 27/1/18:

Saint Dwynwen ConcertCongratulations to the Dyffryn Conwy Youth Choir for an exceptional performance at the Saint Dwynwen Concert on Saturday night the 27th of January at Capel Seion, Llanrwst. The performance was superb, the choir fully deserving of the praise, applause and standing ovation received on the night from both the audience and their fellow performers. The night was arranged by Bro Aled’s Male Voice Choir and included the well know CF1 Choir from Cardiff and also folk band Pererin. Out thanks to the pupils and former pupils who took part; to their parents and the community for their support; and especially to Miss Angharad Ellis and Mr Chris Roberts for training the pupils, conducting and accompanying them. Excellent! A superb and very memorable start to the process of raising money, support and talent for the Conwy 2019 Eisteddfod in Llanrwst.

St. Dwynwen Concert

posterSt. Dwynwen Concert at Capel Seion, Llanrwst on Saturday the 27th of January in the company of the following choirs: CF1, Bro Aled Male Voice Choir and YSgol Dyffryn Conwy senior choir. Proceeds towards Eisteddfod Llanrwst 2019.

For more information - click here

Congratulations to the following teams:

Excellent performance from the year 8 boys competing against Rhyl in a recent football match. The boys won 4-1 and are now through to the final round in Wales – a home match this time!
For more information please visit 'Trydar yr Adran Addysg Gorfforol': @PEDyffrynConwy

Year 12 Mock Examinations

Year 12’s mock examinations will be held at the beginning of the Spring Term 2018 in a number of AS subjects. A copy of the timetable can be downloaded through the following link - click here

Pupils Christmas Fair

During the term as part of their Enterprise Challenge with the Welsh BAC pupils of year 11 have been busy planning and creating events to raise money for the charity Hope House. On Wednesday the 13th of December the pupils held a Christmas Fair in the hall. There were over 15 stalls selling a range of different Christmas products such as a Festive Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes and cakes. The hall was full of pupils and staff supporting their work. They raised over £250 for Hope House. Thank you to everyone for their support.


Ffair Nadolig y Disgyblion Ffair Nadolig y Disgyblion  

A Special Christmas Concert: 18/12/17

At the beginning of the last week of term the school held it’s bi-annual Christmas Concert at Capel Seion, Llanrwst. The church was warm and full, ready for a feast of music performed by pupils across the year groups in school. The programme included choral and ensemble vocal groups from year 7 to the sixth form; small group and paired performances as well as readings from senior pupils. At the beginning of the evening, those arriving were able to enjoy Patrick Lynch and Angharad Butler’s skilful playing of the piano and harp, their music ranging across many well known carols and tunes to celebrate Christmas. Amongst the highlights of the evening were the choral performances of ‘Hallelujah’ and a Welsh version of the classic Pogues Christmas anthem, ‘Fairytale of New York’. Cadi and Sion Dafydd had also penned their alternative Christmas medley, providing joy, laughter and a unique comic touch to the evening. We were also treated to two polished performances from pupils of the drama club who had been busy rehearsing under the guidance of Miss Llio Japheth.

Pupils taking part in the musical items had been rehearsing hard over the last few weeks under the guidance of Mr Chris Roberts and Miss Angharad Ellis. They were supported by the team of teachers including Mrs Sian Gibbson and Dafydd Huw who trained the individual singers and harpists. A number of instrumentalists also took part this year, supporting the choirs on their various instruments and working together on a medley of Christmas tunes. Thank you to the staff, pupils and parents for all their time and support.

This was a superb way to begin the last week of the autumn term and to wish pupils, parents and our local community a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cyngerdd Nadolig Arbennig: 18/12/17 Cyngerdd Nadolig Arbennig: 18/12/17  

A superb Interviews Day for Year 11!

Congratulations to all the year 11 pupils who took part in today’s annual interviews day. Each one arrived dressed to impress and prepared for their interviews – with attendance and commitment completely evident. Thank you to all our local partners – business people and employers for giving so generously of their time to interview the pupils and to provide professional feedback to them on their application letters, CVs, their presentation and their interviews. A very valuable day for all involved. Thank you to all the staff involved including our year 11 tutors, Mrs Gwenno Ifan, Mrs Glesni Rogers Jones, Mrs Tina McDonnell a Mrs Leah Jones. A special thank you to Mrs Elliw Davies, Careers and World or Work Co-ordinator and Mrs Iona Owen for all the arrangements for and during the day.

The following are the winners of the different categories:

Best CV in each group: Pwyll, Jess, Cara, Gwen, Tom, Osian, Gruff and Modlen.
Bet application letter in each group: Osian, Elliw Jones, Elliw Ford, Pwyll, Toby, Modlen, Ruben and Chloe.
Best presented in each group: Siwan R, Iwan Lloyd, Alaw, James, Garomon, Cassey, Heledd and Dylan.
Best interviews in each group: Tomos, Sam O. Jones, Maimee, Bethany, Iwan, Sion, Modlen and Angharad.

The overall winners in their applications for the job were: Ruben, Modlen, Bethany, James, Maimee, Pwyll, Alya and Angharad.

The overall winner for the job was: Ruben – congratulations Ruben! Coming close in second place was Pwyll and in third place Angharad.

Well done year 11 – we are very proud of you!

Diwrnod Cyfweliadau Blwyddyn 11 Gwerth Chweil! Diwrnod Cyfweliadau Blwyddyn 11 Gwerth Chweil! Diwrnod Cyfweliadau Blwyddyn 11 Gwerth Chweil!

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Christmas Fair:

Due to the weather the Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Christmas Fair scheduled for 12/12/17 has been cancelled.

Robotics Club Extracurricular Visit:

Pupils from the Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Robotics Club recently went to Pontio in Bangor to a public robotics exhibition where they interacted with robots of different personalities to have their reactions studied. The group met with Merel Bekking who explained the aim of the study and introduced the rest of the design/programming team to the pupils. After the participation in the study the pupils were then shown extra robots (Now and Cosmo - neither of which were available to the general public) and had an informative discussion with the designers and loads of questions were answered. The pupils left the exhibition at the end full of smiles and inspired to throw themselves back into the competition preparation, 3 months to go! Thank you to Mr Thatcher for arranging the event.

Ymweliad Addysgol Clwb Robotics Ymweliad Addysgol Clwb Robotics  

Llanrwst Christmas 2017:

Nadolig LlanrwstCongratulations to Ela Evans, the winner of this year’s Christmas Card competition run by Llanrwst Town Council as part of ‘Nadolig Llanrwst’ celebrations. As part of her prize, Ela had the honour of lighting the Christmas lights on the tree in the square. Congratulations also to Sara Roberts who came 2nd place and Alex Valentine, 3rd prize. Many pupils had been busy taking part in thie year’s competition under the guidance of the Art Department, designing and carefully crafting their Christmas cards over the last few weeks. Thank you to Llanrwst Town Council for their support and to the Art Department and to all who took part.

During the evening, year 7 and year 9-10 students also took part in the celebrations in Crwst Church. There was high praise for the girls who sang, accompanied and led by Miss Angharad Ellis during the evening’s carol service. Thank you to all who took part. It was a wonderful taste of the musical feast ahead in this year’s Christmas Concert at Capel Seion, Llanrswst on Monday the 18th of December.

Winners of the 2017 Year 9 Volcano competition;

Ennillwyr cystadleuaeth

Year 9 have been busy over the last few weeks collaborating and working independently on their volcanoes project. Having judged all the entrants we are proud to announce this year’s winners.
Congratulations to the following on their excellent volcanoes:
1st - Tom Parry
2nd - Talia Rippin
3rd - Lily Backsall
Well done to all three.

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part. Thank you also to the Geography Department and to our parents for their support.

6th Form Handbook 2018 - 2019

Llawlyfr6th Form Handbook 2018 - 2019 - click here

A Level Geography Fieldwork at – Cwm Idwal and Llanberis

As part of enrichment experiences in geography, the small group of us studying the subject at A Level were looking forward to our field trip to Plas Tan y Bwlch, a drive of around half an hour away to Maentwrog and then to Cwm Idwal. After a little time spent gaining an overview of the work ahead of us, and to meet our fellow-pupils from Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, we dressed up warmly against the wet and cold weather ready for our field work.

Out in Cwm Idwal we learnt a range of things including seeing how the landscape had changed over time due to ice flows thousands of years ago. After our successful visit to Cwm Idwal we returned to Maentwrog to review and analyse the data we had collected.

On our second day we travelled to Llanberis to study the development of the area as part of our A Level course. Whilst we were there we visited ‘Snowdonia Watersports’ where we were able to question staff on a range of issues related to human and physical geography. We also visited the Slate Museum where we continued with our questions and discussion.

The two days gave us an excellent opportunity to put our study in practice and to experience what we have been studying first hand. It was also great to be able to learn from the experience of others working in the field. We all enjoyed our visit to Plas Tan y Bwlch and the local areas, inspite of the challenge of the weather in Llanberis. I would like to thankk the Geography Department for arranging the trip and to Ymddiriedolaeth Llanrwst for their generous support.

Meilyr Williams , Year 12


Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Christmas Service

Gwasanaeth NadoligSeiont Chapel Llanrwst, Monday, December 18th, 7pm

Click here to view information

Mock Exam timetable for year 11

Gwasanaeth NadoligMock Exam timetable for year 11 from 29/11/2017 until 08/12/17

Click here to view information

Prosiect Arloesol Digidol mewn Addysg Gorfforol: ‘Aspire2Be’ (Welsh only available...)

Aspire2BeLlongyfarchiadau i Mali Edwards, Deio Williams, Cain Jones, Nel Metcalfe ac Aron Brenig Jones am gwblhau prosiect ar dechnoleg mewn chwaraeon a drefnwyd gan Aspire2Be. Pwrpas y prosiect oedd ffilmio rhaglen rygbi eu hunain i ddadansoddi perfformiad Cymru yn erbyn yr Alban yn Murrayfield. Disgwylir i'r disgyblion ymgymryd â rolau cyflwynwyr teledu, cyfwelwyr, sylwebyddion a dadansoddwyr. Wedi ffilmio, golygu a chyflwyno eu gwaith, cafodd y disgyblion eu llongyfarch am eu gwaith caled a'u gwahodd gan Aspire2Be i ddadansoddi gêm rygbi, i'w chwarae yng Nghaerdydd, yn y flwyddyn newydd. Cyflwynwyd clip ffilm y grwp yn ystod ein Seremoni Dathlu Llwyddiant Addysg Gorfforol diweddar lle roedd y disgyblion yn rhan o’r grwpiau/unigolion yn cael eu gwobrwyo. Da iawn chi.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Christmas Fair 12/12/17

Ffair Nadolig Year 11 pupils have been busy over the last few weeks in preparing, as part of their BAC enterprise challenge, activities and products to sell in our Christmas Fair that will be held in the School Hall on the 12th of December. The doors will be open at 4 o’r clock with free entry.
We are also very grateful to a number of local companies for their support with the event. There will be stalls by Bys a Bawd, Siop Sioned and Tlws. We are really looking forward to the evening and a chance to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. A warm welcome to you all.

Click here to view the poster

Conwy Crosscountry Success:

Congratulations to the following pupils for their recent success in Conwy’s Crosscountry championships.

First in their class: Math Thomas, Tomos Land, Ella Grundy

2nd in their class: Evan Burgess, Nel Metcalfe

3rd in her class: Begw Williams

Congratulations also to the rest of the team competing: Will Neale, Matthew Cawley, Morgan Clwyd, Jonathan Driver, Gruffudd Edwards, Ynyr Euros, Elea Chennell, Enid Hughes, ac Erin Jones.

Fishing Champions

Pencampwyr PysgotaCongratulations to Dylan Jones, Gruffudd Edwards a Rooney Moore from the school’s Fishing Club who have been chosen to represent Wales! We wish the boys all the best in their competitions this year. They have received sponsorship from Ymddiriedolaeth Llanrwst – we thank the trust for their generous support. This will help the boys make sure they have all the necessary equipment to compete.

Young Footballer playing for Wales

Peldroediwr IfancFollowing last year’s footballing success stories, we are delighted that Jac Parry, Year 13 has been selected to play for the Wales under 18 team. We wish him all the best with the team this year.

Football and Rugby Results: Autumn Term

Football Results:

Under 18
YDC v Syr Thomas Jones 11-2
YDC v Bodedern 10-1

Under 15
YDC v Eirias 4-0
YDC v Tryfan 2-3

Under 14
YDC v Dyffryn Ogwen 4-1
YDC v John Bright 2-2; (but lost on penalties).

Under 13
YDC v Aberconwy 2-1
YDC v Emrys ap Iwan 5-2

Under 13 (Merched)
YDC v Creuddyn 10-1

Under 12
YDC v Bryn Elian 1-9

Rugby Results: Autumn Term

Dan 18
YDC v St David's College Curo 38-0

Dan 16
YDC v Eirias Curo 41-0
YDC v St David's College Curo 50-0

Dan 13
YDC v Eirias Curo 55-0

Dan 12
YDC v Berwyn Curo 15-10

Children In Need 2017

Plant Mewn Angen On Friday the 17th of November the school was full of excitement in supporting the charity Children In Need. Pupils were wearing their own clothes and some had fancy dress costumes. The School Council and the Sport Council had been busy planning and organising different activities for pupil during lunch time such as cake stalls, sponge the teacher and a maths challenge. Holly, Mali and Lucy as members of the school council took part in Aled Hughes's radio show on Radio Cymru on Thursday morning discussing the activities planned for Children In Need. Together we raised over £650, thank you very much. To see more pictures of the activities visit our twitter account @ysgdyffrynconwy

Click here to see more photos

Year 11 GCSE Drama Performances

Perfformiadau DramaFor weeks Year 11 Drama GCSE pupils have been busy creating and preparing their creative performances and on Monday the 20th of November there were very memorable performances in the Drama Department. During the day there were performance to year 9 and 10 pupils transferring very interesting and important messages about equality and the Welsh Language. During Monday night, parents and friends came to watch the performances and it was a pleasure again this year to see the Drama room full of support for our young talented pupils. Thank you to all the students for their hard work. To hear more about performances and activities within the Drama Department follow us on twitter @DramaYDC.

Teams 4 U: Christmas Box Appeal for Children

Teams 4 UThis year we continued to support the important Charity Teams4U as our teachers and students came together in filling shoe boxes with different materials and essentials as a Christmas present. It was a pleasure to see all 43 boxes go on their way to Children and families in need on Monday the 20th of November. Thank you to everyone for their support.

T4U Poster - click here

6th Form Open Evening

Noson Agored 6ed Dosbarth

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s annual 6th Form Open evening will be held this year on Tuesday the 28th of November between 5.30 and 7.30pm. Doors will be open from 5.15pm. During the evening there will be a presentation from Pupils and Senior Staff about what the 6th Form at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy has to offer your child. There will also be the opportunity to discuss with subject teachers about any of the options your son/daughter might be considering. A copy of the 6th From Prospectus for 2018/19 will be shared during the evening. We hope that this will be an opportunity for your son/daughter to begin to consider 6th form options and to take part in the initial free choice options for our post-16 curriculum. Further discussion will also be possible during the year 11 parents’ evening on Tuesday the 6th of February following your son/daughter’s full report.

To view more information - click here

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Equestrian Team compete at Addington 2017

Tîm Marchogaeth

Congratulations to the Equestrian Team who recently competed in the second round of the NSEA Championships at Addington. Twm and Eben competed in the 70cm Show jumping round with both competing fantastically well and Twm gaining 3rd place on his horse Billy out of a class of 55. Superb results – well done, Twm!. On the Thursday evening both competed as part of the Welsh Schools’ Team in two competitions, the 70cm and 80sm Showjump. Twm was the only member of the Welsh team to jump the 80cm clear, both teams gained 3rd place. On the Friday, Twm competed on his horse, George in the 80cm individuals where he came 1st out of a class of 72 pupils under 17. A phenomenal achievement! The competing continued into the Saturday with Harri and Jac joining Twm and Eben in the challenging 90cm jump.

We are very proud of the achievements of this talented team!Click hereto see the photos

Dafydd Chilton Visit to the Welsh Department

Ymweliad Dafydd Chilton

On Thursday the 12th of October, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Welsh author, Dafydd Chilton to the Welsh Department. Dafydd is the author of the book ‘Dim’ which we are studying for our GCSE Welsh Literature course. Some of our class members know Dafydd because he lives locally and some had seen him riding his bike around the local area. It was very generous of him to come in to answer our questions about his novel. He also brought in photos of the places featured in the novel. It was really interesting to hear about his stories, about his place of birth and to understand that many local historical characters were in his novel. This included biographical details – ‘Dim is very much about me’ he said. He also had a collection of books he read when he was growing up. His visit definitely brought the novel to life for us and we really enjoyed his company. Diolch Dafydd.
Ethan, Jack, Mathew, Sion

Geography Field Trip

On the 26th of September, I and the other pupils in year 11 who are studying Geography, travelled to 3 different sites on the River Conwy in order to study the river’s flow. We had to ensure that we were properly dressed and equipped for this field work, wearing anti-water trousers and heavy wellingtons. The focus of the day’s work was then explained to us by a member of staff at the Rhy-y-Creuau centre in Betws y Boed. They supervised the day’s activities and helped us with our field work.
Our first stop was a small stream called ‘Nant y Brwyn’ where we studied the river; with some of the more adventurous amongst us approaching the river with enthusiasm whilst others stayed on the banks. We studied several aspects of the river including its length, depth, width and even the kinds of stones at the bottom of the river in order to test the geographical predictions linked to the changes in the river’s course.

We then moved on to our second site where two rivers merged; the water was deeper here, meaning we got wetter and were glad of our waterproof clothing. On the way back on the mini bus, with everyone tired and wet, two members of the group got caught up in the bogland along the path. Help was at hand to help them (and their wellingtons) escape the bogland.
After a final visit to Ysbyty Ifan where we could see the river had grown further we went to the Rhyd- y-Creuau Centre to analyse the data we had collected and record our findings and observation towards our coursework.
On behalf of all the pupils who went on the field work, I would like to thank the staff at Rhyd-y-Creuau for supporting us throughout the day, and to the staff in the Geography Department and Mr Carwyn Williams for arranging the day’s experience for us as part of our GCSE course.

Elliw Fflur Ford (11T)

Gwaith Maes Gwaith Maes  

Radio Cymru visits Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy:

Radio Cymru

Nia Cerys Gwynn visited the school on Monday the 9th of October to record a section for Radio Cymru’s Post Cyntaf programme. The focus was on the school’s pioneering new programme, Let’s Think in English which is being developed within English lessons. Nia visited one of our year 9 classes and interviewed Tommy, Brienne, Elen and Sion about their experiences of learning through ‘Let’s Think. The programme encourages learners to develop their responses to challenging reading material through talk and discussion, focusing on questioning, thinking and reasoning skills.

You can hear the interviews with the pupils and with Mrs Tesni Chaka, Head of English and Mrs Anna Robers, Literacy Co-ordinator through the podcast link here:

Talented young pianist from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy taking part in a charity event at Maenan Abbey Hotel

Pianydd talentog This is the description from Patrick Lynch, year 11 about this important local event.

“I have the amazing opportunity last Friday to play the piano in a charity event at the stunning Maenan Abbey Hotel. As the occasion was quite formal, I decided to play challenging pieces to accompany the sophisticated atmosphere and to demonstrate my abilities. The pieces I played were: ‘The Lark’ by Glinka ‘Moonlight Sonnata’ by Beethoven and other grade 7 and 8 pieces such as ‘The Butterfly’ and ‘Romance sans Paroles’. This opportnity was amazing and once in a lifetime!”

Patrick’s performance on the evening was highly praised. Thank you Patrick for representing the school and supporting the local community.


BAKE-OFFFriday the 28th of September the school gym was full of a variety of tasty cakes. The teachers and sixth form students had been busy baking cakes for the Bake off competition. We are very grateful to Rhian Williams from Siwgr a Sbeis for taking the time to come in and judge the competition for us. After the tasting session, the crown of Star Baker was awarded to Ms Julie Hall from the English department for the amazing there tier heart shaped cake. Annest from year 13 came second and Mrs Buddug Jones came third. Elinor form year 7 won the winning cake with the raffle. The School council and the sixth form students were busy selling cakes and sweets throughout lunch time, all raising £460 towards Macmillan. Thank you to everyone for their support and especially to Rhian Williams form Siwgr a Sbeis for being our judge.

Education in Wales: Our National Mission

Addysg yng NghymruFor the information of parents and stakeholders.

Newly launched Educational Mission for Wales document expressing the vision for education in Wales from 2017 to 2022. The document was launched by the Cabinet Secretary on Tuesday the 26th of September. The school is playing an active part in this vision through our role as a Pioneer School for the Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of learning. The Headteacher, Miss Elan Davies joined the Cabinet Secretary, Kirsty Williams to present as part of the launch.

Llwyddiant ym Mharc Gwledig Pen-bre, Llanelli - Welsh Road Relays: (Welsh only available...)

Welsh Road RelaysLlongyfarchiadau mawr i Math Lloyd Thomas o Lanrwst, disgybl blwyddyn 8 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy ar ei lwyddiant yn cystadlu ym Mharc Gwledig Pen-bre, Llanelli mis penwythnos y 16 a 17 o Fedi. Yno roedd yn rhedeg ras Welsh Road Relays. Roedd yn rhedeg fel rhan o dîm athletau Menai. Enillodd y tîm wobr aur a hefyd cafodd Math fedal aur am redeg y lap cyflymaf yn y ras. Camp arbennig – da iawn ti, Math.

Sharing excellent practice as a Pioneer School for the New Curriculum:

Rhannu arferion rhagorol Last night, Miss Elan Davies, Headteacher at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy joined the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams at the launch of her new Mission Statement for Education in Wales at the National Museum, Cardiff. This was an excellent opportunity to share the school’s good practice ans learner success with the Cabinet Secretary and other representatives at the launch.

You can read more about the new Mission Statement for Education in Wales through the following link:

New Prospectus:


To read the new prospectus - click here

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Head Pupils 2017/18:

Prif DdisgyblionCongratulations to Rhydian Jones and Mali Sion from Year 13 who have been elected as this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl (2017/18). Meredydd Walker and Eve Jones were also elected Deputy Head Pupils. Their work has already begun, including the process of chairing and leading the School Council and school activities and priorities. The quality of the presentations this year were very high by everyone taking part – well done! We look forward to the work from your lead pupils over the year.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s Equestrian Team competing in National Championships:

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in the first round of the NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) National Championship Qualifiers at Southview over the weekend of the 23rd of September. Competing were: Jac Cernyw, Efa Davies and Harri Williams from year 12; Eben and Twm from year 8 and Morgan from year 7. A very hectic schedual of competitions across Showjumping and Dressage events confronted the talented team over the weekend. We are very proud of their efforts and look forward to hearing their success stories over the year’s events.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Equestrian Champions: NSEA Southview 23/9/17 Results

These are the team and individual results:

Morgan Haerr 3rd Dressage
Twm Cernyw 2nd, Dressage and 2nd Showjumping 75cm
Harri Williams 1st and 3rd Dressage
Jac Cernyw Jumping with Style 1m 5th

Showjumping Team - 85cm Eben Davies, Efa Davies, Harri Williams and Twm Cernyw 5th
Showjumping Team - 95cm Harri Williams, Jac Cernyw and Twm Cernyw, Efa Davies 1st
Showjumping Team with Style - 95cm Harri Williams, Jac Cernyw and Twm Cernyw 3rd

As a result of their fantastic success the team are through once again this year to the National Event. Well done – fantastic!

Tim Marchogaeth Tim Marchogaeth  

An article by Tomos MacDonald:

Tomos MacDonaldAn article by Tomos MacDonald, former pupil and Deputy Head Boy at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy about life as a Welsh student at Oxford University:

Congratulations to Tomos on his article for ‘Wales Online’ about his experiences during his first year at Brasenose College, Oxford. You can read Tomos’ article from the link below.
Tomos was one of the talented 6th formers who left us at the end of 2015/16 to study at Oxford. We wish him all the best in his second year!

Exciting Reading Project with King’s College London:

Prosiect CyffroesTeachers and pupils at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have begun working on an exciting project to develop higher order reading and thinking skills. The school is working with Laurie Smith from King’s College London as part of the School’s Pioneer Schools work. The school is the first school in Wales to be part of King’s College’s accelerated reading programme Let’s Think.

As part of their Pioneer work for Languages, Literacy and Communication, staff at the school have been researching different pedagogies for teaching languages, literacy and communication, including exploring ways to develop pupils’ higher order reading skills, to raise standards in reading and develop pupils’ bilingual and multilingual skills. The partnership with Kings’ College London has developed as part of this research work.

Headteacher, Elan Davies, is GWE Lead for the LLC Area of Learning for the new curriculum. The school is delighted to be working with King’s on the Let’s Think in English project as part of our pioneer work. Laurie came to speak to the national Languages, Literacy and Communication group in June. His recognition of how the project could work with our research into what matters and ways of working towards the new curriculum inspired the staff at the school. He has since visited the school to deliver professional learning and to demonstrate the impact of the methods used by the project. The language departments are very much looking forward to continuing their work with King’s and are delighted to be the first school in Wales to be part of Let’s Think.” Over the course of the project the school will be exploring how the strategies can be used across the language subjects and to support literacy across the curriculum.

2017/18 is a Year of Reading at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy with experiences to support and enrich reading and literature planned over the course of the year.

Head Pupils 2017/18:

Congratulations to Rhydian Jones and Mali Sion who were elected as Head Pupils today. Congratulations alto to Eve Jones and Meredydd Walker who will be their Deputies.
The quality of this year’s presentations were very high this year – well done to everyone who was part of the process. We are very proud of you all.

The School Council will be meeting for the first time next week. Best wishes to all with their important leadership roles.

We will also be looking for 6th form leaders to lead on different aspects of the school. More information to follow next week …

Own Clothes day for Jeans for Genes and Macmillan Cancer Care:

Thank you to everybody for their support today for both charities. Through our own clothes day we have managed to raise over £400.

Open Evening:

Noson AgoredClick here to view information about the open evening

Useful Online Safety Resources for Parents from Welsh Government:

1. A parent and carer's guide to Google safe search and YouTube safety mode;
2. A parent and carer's guide to age ratings of apps and games.

Electing Head Pupils 2017/18:

Ethol Prif Ddisgyblion Some of our Head Pupil nominees for 2017/18 after their excellent presentations to pupils. We look forward to hearing the remaining presentations on Thursday and to the election process. Good luck to all taking part!

New – September 2017 Parents’ Bulletin:

Bwletin i RieniNew – September 2017 Parents’ Bulletin, Key Dates, parents’ evenings and reports to parents 2017/18.

Click here to view the bulletin

Electing New Pupil Leaders for 2017/18:

There is considerable excitement this week with pupils in year 13 preparing to apply for the key roles of Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies for the next year. Following inspirational presentations from Leusa and Russell, our Head Girl and Boy over 2016/17, the process of application and election has begun. We look forward to their applications, interviews and presentations, wishing each applicant all the best in the process this year.

Open Evening

We will be holding our Open Evening for year 5 and 6 pupils and their parents on Tuesday the 10th of October. Doors open at 5.15pm with a presentation in the hall from the Head and Senior Leaders at 5.30pm and an opportunity for guided tours of the school between 6 and 7.30pm.

Rewarding Success - Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Annual Awards Ceremony:

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy recently celbrated it’s annual Awards Ceremony, an opportunity to celebrate the amazing success of our pupils following this Summer’s exceptional results. Amongst the first awards presented were the Governors’ Awards for excellence at A Level. Winning the coveted William J Lewis scholarship this year for his A Level results of A*A*A was Tomos Arfon. Tomos will be going to study Medicine at Birmingham University and was delighted to receive the award. The award, along with the Dr Harold Williams scholarship, was presented by Huw Roberts, Chair of Governors. Receiving the award for their A* and two As each this year were Jake Jones (going to study Law at Cambridge) and Russell Wingfield (off to study Engineering at Leeds). The boys have not only been busy and successful in their studies, they also took leading roles within the school community including Head Boy (Russell) and Deputy (Tomos). Kyron Mc Cavish and Dion Williams, also from the 6th form, were this year’s recipients of the Celf Alfred Davies Art Scholarship to support them with their further study of Art at university. Their excellent art work was shown during the ceremony.

The list of recipients for excellence at GCSE, awarded by the Conwy Valley Rotary Club was the longest in the award’s history with 10 pupils receiving the award from Rotary President Elect, Mr Kevin Grifiths and Mr Richard Howe: Rosy Pearson, Efa Celyn Davies, Amaan Abbasi, Ifan Jones, Mali Williams, Howard Wingfield, Brenig Hughes, Elan Jones, Trystan Jones, Abbie Wilding. Additional awards were also awarded by the school to Jac Cernyw, Cara Gates, Chloe Thomas and Penri Metcalf for their outstanding results. Their success was particularly strong in light of all the changes to the GCSEs this year and the fall in national performance. We are particularly proud of them and their whole year group who once again achieved excellent results in comparison with local and regional results. Their performance in the new Numeracy GCSE in particular stood out, placing the school in the top two across North Wales.

This year’s first award for Special Recognition this year was Harri Roberts, now in year 11 for his work as the school’s Young Photographer, enabling the school to capture and celebrate many of our key moments last term. As a result of their excellence in year 10, achieving an A* in both English Language and Numeracy a year early, the second special recognition award went to the talented trio – Elliw Ford, Gwen Arfon and Ethan Witt. Quite an achievement – well done!

Many pupils from KS3 were also awarded prizes during the evening, including for excellence at KS3: Mali Evans, Iolyn hennell, Ela Owen, Nel Davies, Sky Alfree, Gwenlli Jones, Haf Robets, Sara Roberts, Sion Dafydd Edwards, Glain Jones, Jac Lloyd and Sion-Meirion Williams. 22 pupils also gained an award for 100% attendance over the year, sponsored by Llew Jones bus company, Llanrwst. To close the ceremony, before enjoying some light refreshments, 16 pupils were awarded for top scores in the national Literacy and Numeracy tests. Head, Elan Davies, expressed her pride in the success of all the pupils awarded during the evening and to the school’s staff, parents and partners for their support.

Seremoni Dathlu Llwyddiant Seremoni Dathlu Llwyddiant Seremoni Dathlu Llwyddiant