Bulletin and Information for Parents /Guardians

To download - click here

To download - click here

Letters for Parents 2019:

Yr.11 Revision 2019 - click here (Welsh only available)
Timetable for National Reading and Numeracy Tests - click here
Year 10 pupils and parents/carers - click here
Yr.11 Exams and Revision 2019 - click here
F.A.O. Year 12 Students and Parents - click here

School Uniform:

New School Uniform Letter - click here
2018-19 School Uniform Guidance - click here
2018-19 School Uniform 6th Form Guidance - click here
2018 School Uniform Policy - click here
School Uniform Grant - click here
Information about school uniform grants 2018/19 for pupils in receipt of free school meals - click here
Information about financial support for school uniforms for pupils for 2017/18 - click here

School Meals:
Food Allergy - Frequently Asked Questions - click here
Food Allergy - Information Form - click here
Food Allergy - Letter for Parents - click here
Free School Meals - click here
Pupil Data Collection Form - click here
What is Biometrics? - click here
Biometric Cashless Scheme – Questions and Answers - click here
Biometric Letter - click here
An introduction to our online payment service (Parent Pay) - click here
School Meal Prices - click here

What if my child is absent, arrives late or is taken ill during the school day? - click here
Letter to parents re taking holidays during term time – Conwy LA - click here
Information for taking holidays during tem time – Conwy LA - click here
Information about Fixed Penalty Notices for Absence – Conwy LA - click here

Routine and Non-routine visits:

Parent/ carer consent Routine visits - click here
Parent/ carer consent Non-routine visits - click here

Home – School Agreements

Home – School Agreements - click here