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Christmas Concert

A busy term ended with a celebratory concert at Capel Seion yn Llanrwst on Tuesday the 15th of December. It was delightful to see the range of talents on the night from soloists, instrumentalists, actors, choirs, ensembles and parties. There were also two superb presentations from the members of the Drama club – one of the scripts had been written especially for the night by Miss Llio Japheth. The Head Boy and Head Girl, along with their Deputies and members of the 6th form took part in the readings. It was wonderful to see how the junior and senior choirs have developed with both familiar voices and new voices in their midst. The evening was certainly one to feel very proud of, particularly of the varied talents throughout the evening. Our thanks go to each one for taking part, for the Music and Drama Departments for preparing them and leading them on the night, to every member of staff who supported and in particular to all the parents and members of the community who came along on the night. £680 was raised on the night with a contribution going towards Capel Seion in thanks for their support and the remainder going to support music and drama activities over the next term.

Christmas Jumper Day

As part of the end of term activities, pupils supported the year 10 COPE class’ Christmas raffle, cake stall and Christmas Jumper day. Over £400 was raised to support charities including Cancer Research, Save the Children and St John’s Ambulance. The group had planned the activities over the last half term as part of their course. This included a presentation to the Head teacher, visiting local businesses in Llanrwst to ask for donations towards the raffle, they also had to work with Sodexo to ask for permission to hold the cake stall on the last day of term. The group would like to thank all the pupils and staff, local businesses and Sodexo for all their support.

Another part of their COPE course included a first aid course. They were trained by the St John’s Ambulance for a day and successfully passed their course at the end of the day. Congratulations to the group and many thanks to the St John’s Ambulance for their support.


Welsh Baccalaureate
plant plant plant
As part of year 10’s Global Citizenship Challenge pupils created a raising awareness project on the subject of the Syrian Refugee crisis. From bunting to leaflets, posters to stories, year 10 produced a range of projects for different audiences. The work will form part of their overall Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. The effort, focus and results of their work has been superb – congratulations goes to all involved.

Christmas Assembly

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Christmas Assembly. During the day on Friday the 18th of December, a special Christmas assembly was held at the school. This was an opportunity to sing carols, to see productions from the Drama Club and from the junior choir, as well as to hear readings from the Head Boy and Head Girl and members of staff. Our thanks go to everyone who took part. In particular to the Reverend Helen Jones who spoke to the pupils and who led on the closing prayer. This was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the end of term and the Christmas festival together.

Interview Day

Congratulations to year 11 who participated in an interview day on the 18th of December. During the day they had the opportunity to be inspired by Mr Wyn Williams, Governor and local employer. Following the presentation each pupil had the opportunity to be interviewed by a panel of local employers, governors, community partners and members of staff. Each panel interviewed the pupils for specific posts giving them a unique opportunity to be in an interview situation. During the days the panels evaluated each of the applicants letters, CVs, presentations and interviews in order to nominate a final short list of winners. For each category pupils were awarded certificates recognising their achievements. The overall award went to Cadi Edwards with high commendation to Amelia Maddox, and praise to the other pupils in the final group. The pupils’ attitudes, behaviour and responses over the course of the day were praised. We would like to thank them for all their efforts preparing and participating. Our thanks go also to the members of the panel for their time, experience and support for this worthwhile experience for our pupils. Thanks also goes to the team of staff who worked hard to prepare for and to manage the day under the leadership of Mrs Marian Pritchard – Mrs Iona Owen, Mr Roger Beech, Mrs Elliw Davies, year 11 Tutors and Progress Leader. The pupils were very positive about the day – it had gone well, particularly once they began to relax and respond to the interviews and see the fruits of their labour.

Fixture Results for Autumn Term 2015/16

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the extra-curricular achievements of our pupils in the football (boys’ and girls’ teams), rugby and netball fixtures over the last term. Thank you to the PE department and to Mr Danial Meredydd and Mr Kevin Thomas for organising the activities and to our parents for their support.

Fixture Results for Autumn Term 2015/16:


Under 18s Football
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 2-0
YDC v Emrys ap Iwan: Colli 5-0

Under 16s Football
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 4-0

Under 15 football
YDC v Eirias: Curo 1-0
YDC (Merched/Girls) v Llangefni: Colli 4-1
YDC v Friars: Colli 3-0

Under 14s Football
YDC v YJB: Colli 5-1

Under 13s Football
YDC v Aberconwy: Curo 4-1
YDC (Girls) v Creuddyn: Colli 8-1
YDC v Creuddyn: Cyfartal 0-0 (Curo ar pens 5-4)

Under 18s Rugby
YDC v St David's College: Curo 29-19
YDC v Glan Clwyd: Cyfartal 7-7

Under 16s Rugby
YDC v Eirias: Curo 5-3

Under 15s Rugby
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 41-0
YDC v Glan Clwyd: Curo 46-0

Under 14s Rugby
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 52-0
YDC v St David's: Curo 25-15
YDC v St David's: Curo 45-5

Under 13s Rugby
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 55-0
YDC v St David's: Curo 57-7

Under 12s Rugby
YDC v Eirias: Curo 29-0
YDC v Creuddyn: Curo 26-7
YDC v Berwyn: Curo 43-0

Netball (Girls)
Dan 13 v St David's College: Curo 5-1
Dan 14 v St David's College: Colli 7-2
Dan 12 v St David's College: Curo 12-0
Dan 13 v St David's College: Curo 6-1
Dan 12 v Llandudno: Colli (Cynghrair Eryri)
Dan 13 v Creuddyn: Colli 12-6
Dan 16 v Creuddyn: Curo 10-7
Dan 12 v Pwllheli Tornadoes: Colli 12-18
Dan 15 v St David's: Colli 7-4
Dan 16 v St David's: Colli 9-8
Dan 12 v Creuddyn: Curo 9-0
Dan 14 v Creuddyn: Colli 6-2

Merry Christmas

We wish all our pupils, parents and partners in the community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The school will re-open for pupils on Tuesday the 5th of January.

Mock Examinations Timetable December 2015

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Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s Christmas Concert

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s Christmas Concert will be held at Capel Seion on Tuesday the 15th of December. A warm welcome to all.

Children’s Christmas Box Appeal

This year as part of the School Council’s focus on supporting charities and good causes years 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Christmas Box Appeal. Following a presentation from Wyn Owen in their assembly, year 7, 8 and 9 pupils were busy preparing boxes. On the 23rd of November 43 boxes full of gifts, sweet things and other products for children were produced and collected for this important cause. Thank you to all the pupils and parents who supported the appeal and to the form tutors who helped ensure that everything was safely delivered.

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Geography department Volcanoes project

This year’s Geography department Volcanoes project once again produced an exciting and challenging competition for year 9 pupils. Over half term they produced models of volcanoes using a range of materials. An excellent response from pupils (and their parents who provided support and resources) followed! The task of judging the final products was a daunting one this year as the standard was so high, with each volcano an excellence in itself. However, with the support of the 6th form students who are studying Geography the awards were given as follows: first prize went to Rhiannon Rippin 9C, second prize to Ifan Hughes 9M, and 3rd prize to Cai Williams 9M. Congratulations to all who competed – the department were delighted with the responses. It shows the scale of what they have learnt from their recent studies of volcanoes.

Activities led by Conwy Disabilities Sports group

On Friday the 20th of November a group of pupils from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy took part in activities led by Conwy Disabilities Sports group. The pupils were able to take part in activities that promoted physical education. They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball in specialised ‘Boccia’ wheelchairs. They worked as a team developing confidence and skills. At lunchtime there was an opportunity for more pupils to take part in a competitive game.

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Congratulations to all the pupils who collected money towards charities

Congratulations to all the pupils who collected money towards charities on Friday the 25th of September. £500 pounds was raised through the own clothes day. £250 going towards ‘Jeans for Genes’ and £250 towards Macmillan Cancer Care. Thank you to the pupils for their support.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Equestrian Team
y tim

Congratulations to the pupils who took part in the Equestrian Team at the weekend. A very successful field of results often in competition with 70 - 93 others from around schools in the North of England. We are delighted with their efforts and achievements! The next stage of competition takes place in October with their eyes firmly set on Bury Farm and another successful Summer. If any of our partners are interested in sponsoring the team with the next stage of the competition, please contact the school’s office.

Dressage Team 2nd - Harri Williams, Mared Williams and Elain Jones
Individual dressage - Harri Williams 3rd; Elain Jones 8th
Jumping with style – 1st Harri Williams
Showjumping Team - 1st of 93 - Jac and Rhys Cernyw, Harriet and Hermione Williams
Individual showjumping – 3rd out of 93 - Mary Jane Broughton

Head Pupils for 2015/16
prif ddisgyblion a pennaeth

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been elected as Head Pupils for 2015/16:
Head Girl – Hannah Cash
Head Boy – Sam Power
Deputies – Lliwen Williams a Tomos MacDonald.

The standard of this year’s interviews and presentations were particularly high. We wish them all the best in their new roles.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy celebrates a year of Success and Launches new School Rugby Officer!
swyddogion On Tuesday the 15th of September, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy held its annual Awards Ceremony. Guest speaker Sean Taylor inspired the audience with tales of his successes and the experiences that have led him to his various business ventures within the Conwy Valley and beyond. Pupils were awarded for academic success in their end of key stage three, GCSE, AS and A Level results. Recipients included Tomos Arfon who received an award from the Rotary for his excellent 8A* and 3As at GCSE; Aron Kirkman and Viktor Hewitt who both won the Dr Harold Williams award for their excellent A level results this summer.

Amongst the school’s guests and sponsors on the evening were Mr Richard Howes and Mr Graham St John-Gillan from Dyffryn Conwy Rotary Club, the Mayor of Llanrwst, Mr Nelson Herr and Mr Edgar Jones representing the Llanrwst Historical Society.

The top ten students in the end of KS3 results were also awarded for their achievements – we are likely to see them winning the GCSE and A Level results in the future! Full attendance over the academic year was celebrated with a number of pupils being rewarded through sponsorship by Llew Jones Buses. The evening’s Special Recognition award went to the school’s unique and talented Equestrian Club following their huge success at Bury Farm last summer where on top of successes in the individual comps and the Show jumping team, the Dressage team came first out of 22 competitive entrants. Members of the team now hope to crash through the first part of this year’s competitions at the end of the month and go back to fight for their top position again next summer at Bury Farm!

The evening was also an opportunity to launch the school’s Rugby Development Officer post which has been developed in partnership with the WRU, Nant Conwy Rugby Club and sponsors Zip World. Speaking during the ceremony, Mark Roberts from the WRU explained the vision for this exciting project and the range of skills and experiences pupils would gain from participating in the events and activities organised by the new rugby officer. Mr John Roberts, Deputy Head introduced Mr Kevin Thomas who will begin in post on the 21st of September. The school is now looking forward to further developing rugby and the community element and ethos around the sport as part of a wider extracurricular agenda over the coming years. Thanks went to the sponsors who have allowed this exciting development to take place.

To close the evening refreshment was provided by 6th former Ciara Rickard who is raising money to be part of Project Trust’s development projects around the world. She is looking forward to begin working for the trust as an English teacher in a year’s time working in underprivileged communities in Thailand. An enjoyable evening was had by all attending, a chance to recognise and reward pupils for their hard work and dedication. Click here to see more photos

Trystan Lewis' Visit
Trystan Lewis Trystan Lewis Pupils from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s 6th form were given the opportunity to engage in political debate with Plaid Cymru’s Aberconwy Consituency Candidate Trystan Lewis. Trystan visited the school to discuss hot topics in the political arena such as: the environment, agriculture, health and education and the current refugee crisis. Pupils listened, questioned and responded with enthusiasm and passion to Trystan’s views, presenting a range of views on current affairs.
Pupils Sam Ward and Ilan Owen are pictured with Trystan Lewis, Elan Davies, Head and Mr Eurig Williams (Head of Y1. 12) and Mr Carwyn Williams (Head of Geography) who arranged the debate. Closing the session Trystan promised to come back to the school again to continue discussion, hopefully with Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood!


21.08.15 - GCSE Results 2015

GCSE Results GCSE Results

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy are once again celebrating another year of excellent results. We are all proud of our pupils and on behalf of the whole school we congratulate all pupils and their families on their success – it’s richly deserved after all their hard work. We look forward to welcoming many of our pupils back to our sixth form next week.

Once again a number of pupils have achieved at the very highest including: Tomos Arfon 8 A*,3A; Hannah Jones 7 A*, 4 As; Russell Wingfield 4 A*, 1 A, 4 B – all three also received a Distinction in Additional Maths; Jake Jones 4 A*s, 4 As, 2 Bs and 2 Cs; Sophia Dallimore 2 A*, 5 As and 4 Bs; Charlotte Wright 3 A*, 5 As, 2 Bs, 1 C and Distinction in Additional Maths; Annest Jones 6As, 3 Bs, 1 C; Meirion Layton 4As, 4 Bs and 2 Cs. Pictured are Hannah, Sophia, Charlotte, Russell, Jake and Annest. A delighted Tomos heard the news by email from his holiday in Spain!

At the end of a successful first year at the helm, I was delighted to see so many smiles, a reminder of what success means to our young people and how hard they have worked and deserved it. I congratulate all of them and all their families. It really has been a wonderful year for everyone associated with the school. Today as always is about the pupils, their achievements and next steps and they have plenty to celebrate. I wish them all the best for the future. I would also like to thank all my staff for all their hard work.

Elan Davies, Head Teacher, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, 20/08/15

13.08.15 - Celebrating Success - Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy A Level Results, 2015


We are all delighted that Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils have once again performed exceptionally well and we are all very proud of their achievements. This year’s results show continued success in Advanced Level, Vocational A Levels and BTECs, as well as the Welsh Baccalaureate. Among our number of high achievers this year are Aaron Kirkman (A*A A A B), Lois Evans (A* A A), linguist Viktor Hewitt (AAAB), Tolly Taylor (A*A B), Wil Jones (AAB), Iestyn Thomas (A*B B B), Talia Williams (A A C) and Ynyr Jones (A*B C). The boys have been particularly successful this summer!

Today is therefore a day for celebration – well done! I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the School and its Governors to congratulate all pupils their parents and families, and all of our staff for their continued hard work and dedication.

We wish all our students every success in the future and look forward to tracking their achievement through University, further study and their future careers.

Elan Davies, Head Teacher, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, 13/08/15

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20.07.15 - Congratulations to the Drama Club

Congratulations to the Drama Club on their excellent performances Thursday the 16/5/15. Read about their work in the drama club this year. We look forward to seeing mor of their performances and hearing about their successes next year!

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17.07.15 - Congratulations to the cricket team


Congratulations to the cricket team who were successful in their match against Ysgol y Creuddyn on the 15th of July – well done!



13.07.15 Adran Gelf 'Tlws Iorweth Jones' (Welsh Only)

Llongyfarchiadau i Matthew Barton oedd yn fuddugol am ennil gwobr ‘Tlws Iorweth Jones’ a roddir yn flynyddol er cof am Iorweth gan ei deulu. Derbyniodd wobr o £100 am ei gynnydd a’i ddyfalbarhad mewn Celf yn ystod y flwydddyn.

13.07.15 Ffeil Gynnydd a'r Prom (Welsh Only)
Cafwyd noson y Ffeil Gynnydd i ddisgyblion flwyddyn 11 ar yr 18fed o Fehefin. Dafydd Jones oedd y siaradwr gwadd yn seremoni. Chwaraeodd Dafydd dros ei wlad 42 o weithiau gan sgorio dwy gais, bellach mae’n gweithio i Oil4Wales sydd wedi ei leoli ym Mlaenau Ffestiniog.

Yn dilyn y seremoni Ffeil Gynnydd aeth y disgyblion a staff draw i Westy’r Eryrod yn Llanrwst ar gyfer y Prom!  Fel y gwelwch o’r lluniau, roedd y disgyblion wedi gwisgo yn arbennig ar gyfer y prom - yn lliwiau, siwtiau ac esgidiau crand iawn!  Erbyn diwedd y noson roedd eu traed yn boenus o’r holl ddawnsio a hwyl wedi ei gael gan bawb!  Rhaid canmol ymddygiad y disgyblion mewn lle cyhoeddus a diolch yn fawr i’r staff fuodd yn trefnu'r noson ac yn eu goruchwylio. 

13.07.15 Wythnos Gweithgareddau (Welsh Only)

Tra fo blwyddyn 10 a 12 allan ar brofiad gwaith bu blwyddyn 7, 8 a 9 yn profi amrywiaeth o weithgareddau gan gynnwys teithiau treftadaeth i Drawsfynydd a Tryweryn (blwyddyn 9), i Lanberis a Penmachno (blwyddyn 8) ac i Eisteddfod Llangollen (blwyddyn 7).  Bu cyfleoedd hefyd iddynt brofi gweithgareddau awyr agored yn Nant BH (blwyddyn 8) neu ar y safle drwy weithgareddau chwaraeon a datrys problemau. 

Yn ystod yr wythnos hefyd, profodd staff a disgyblion yr ysgol y tywydd a mynd ar y daith gerdded flynyddol i goedwig Gwydir.  Braf oedd gweld y disgyblion yn ymdrechu er y tywydd a’r holl gyn disgyblion a ddychwelodd er mwyn cefnogi'r daith gerdded hefyd.  Daeth Ifan Jones, blwyddyn 9 yn ôl gyntaf yn y ras rhedeg ar y diwrnod, Caron Davies yn 2ail a Carwyn Davies yn 3ydd.  Llongyfarchiadau mawr i’r tri!

13.07.15 Gwobrau Celf: (Welsh Only)

Bu nifer o’n disgyblion yn datblygu gwaith celf amrywiol er mwyn cystadlu brwd yn ddiweddar yn Eisteddfod Bro Aled, ac yn Gala Llanrwst.  Ceir mwy o wybodaeth am lwyddiannau'r disgyblion o’r linc ganlynol: ac ar safwe Rotari Dyffryn Conwy.  Roedd llawer iawn o ddisgyblion blwyddyn 7, 8 a 9 wedi cystadlu yn yr oedran 12-14 ar gyfer Ffotograffiaeth a gwaith celf yn defnyddio pensil neu olew.  Daeth Katelyn Airey, Rhiannon Rippin a Dionne Jones yn 1af, 2ail a 3ydd yn y categori olew; Nicola Wood, Caspian Sunerton-Burl a Sam Thomas yn 1af, 2ail a 3ydd drwy ddefnyddio pensil neu bastel; a Mali Evans, Lewis Jones a Sam Jones yn 1af, 2ail a 3ydd ar gyfer eu Ffotograffau.  Llongyfarchiadau mawr i bawb fuodd yn cystadlu ac i’r Adran Gelf am eu harweiniad a’u cefnogaeth i gystadlu yn lleol.

13.07.15 Cyngerdd Yng Nghapel Seion (Welsh Only)
Ar nos Fawrth y 30ain o Fehefin cynhaliwyd Cyngerdd diwedd tymor yng Nghapel Seion, Llanrwst.  Bu llawer yn cymryd rhan yn ystod y noson, yn unawdwyr, deuawdwyr, Parti Bechgyn, Parti Merched Iau, Ensemble, Telynorion a’r Côr Hyn.  Roedd hi’n wledd o berfformiadau o safon uchel iawn sydd yn rhoi syniad o’r holl dalentau gwahanol sydd gan ddisgyblion Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy ym maes Cerddoriaeth.  Diolchwn yn fawr i’r pawb ddaeth i gefnogi'r noson ac i’r holl ddisgyblion a staff fuodd yn cymryd rhan, yn enwedig i Mr Chris Roberts a Miss Angharad Ellis fuodd yn cydlynu a hyfforddi'r disgyblion. 

13.07.15 Ymweliad Bl 6 (Welsh Only)

Daeth blwyddyn 6 i’r ysgol ar gyfer eu hail ymweliad swyddogol ar ddydd Llun y 29ain o Fehefin.  Yn ystod eu diwrnod cawsant gyfle i flasu gwersi daearyddiaeth, drama, technoleg bwyd a gwyddoniaeth ynghyd a chyfle i gyfarfod eu tiwtoriaid dosbarth.  Roedd hi’n braf iawn eu gweld yn ymgartrefu yn yr ysgol ac edrychwn ymlaen at eu croesawu yma ym mis Medi i flwyddyn 7.

Bu rhai ohonynt yma hefyd ar gyfer Her mathemateg ar ddydd Gwener y 3ydd o Orffennaf yn dilyn ymweliad blwyddyn 5 ar  2ail o Orffennaf.  Roeddent wedi ymateb yn dda iawn i’r Her gan wneud llawer o waith blwyddyn 9 yn ystod y dydd!

Ar ddydd Mercher y 1af o Orffennaf daeth blwyddyn 5 a 6 o’n hysgolion Cynradd yma ar gyfer diwrnod aml-gamp gan brofi ystod o weithgareddau chwaraeon.  Roedd eu brwdfrydedd yn arbennig a’r tywydd yn boeth iawn!  Cyfuniad gwych ar gyfer diwrnod ymweld!  Diolch yn fawr i’r disgyblion ac i’r staff fu yn trefnu ac yn arwain y dydd.

13.07.15 Blaenrybudd (Welsh Only)

Dymunwn wyliau braf iawn i’n disgyblion a staff yn ystod mis Gorffennaf ac Awst.  Byddwn yn ailgychwyn i ddisgyblion ar ddydd Iau'r 3ydd o Fedi yn dilyn dau ddiwrnod HMS ar y 1af a’r 2ail o Fedi.  Bydd yr ysgol yn agored ar gyfer derbyn canlyniadau Lefel A ar fore'r 13eg o Awst o 9o’r goch ymlaen ac eto ar gyfer canlyniadau TGAU ar yr 20fed o Awst. 

The School today received the Careers Quality Mark.

Llongyfarchiadau i ddisgyblion Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy ar eu llwyddiant yn Eisteddfod Bro Aled, Llansannan gyda’u gwaith Celf/Congratulations to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils on their success with their art work at Eisteddfod Bro Aled, Llansannan. (Welsh Only)

Gwobrau fel a nodir isod/ Prizes are as stated below::


63. Blwyddyn 7-11 Hunan ddewisiad
1af. Mai Evans.
2il Holly Carpenter, Ela Owen, Gwenllian Hughes.
3ydd. Sara Roberts, Haf Roberts, Glain Jones


64. 16-25: Unrhyw waith celf, dylunio neu thechnoleg
1af.Barton Mathew Thomas
2il. Charlie Parry, Anest Roberts, Morgan Metcalfe, Amelia Maddox, Elin Cawley.
3ydd. Kelcee Savanha Frost, Lleucu Howatson, Megan Lowe,
4. Sabrina Haf Jones, Jac Power log, Chloe Congrieve

Dilynwch y linc isod am fwy o wybodaeth a lluniau o waith y disgyblion:/Follow the link below for more information and pictures of the pupils work:

Maths Challenge
pupils pupils

Congratulations to Ifan Jones, Hannah Roberts, Anna Carpena and Tomos Arfon who won the Bronze certificate during the recent Leeds University ‘Maths Challenge’. Charlotte Wright, Rory Thorburn and Elain Jones also won silver certificates whilst Russell Wingfield won a coveted gold certificate and an invitation to compete at the next, even more challenging level!

In another maths challenge, Ceiran Kelly came to the fore in a Welsh medium mathematics competition held by Bangor University. He has been invited to collect his award at a special ceremony at this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod. Congratulations also go to Ethan Witt and Gwion Jones who both won certificates for excellent performance in the Liverpool University competition. Gwion was invited to a special presentation at the university to celebrate his success. Well done to all of them!

Congratulations to the under 15 Rugby Team

Congratulations to the under 15 Rugby Team who won the Eryri Cup 22-20 against Ysgol Glan y Môr, Pwllheli. It was a tight competition between the two teams leading to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s victory. It was an added bonus that the match was being played at Ysgol Syr Huw Owen – Mr Matthews-Jones presented the team with their winning cup.

Athletau y Sir (Welsh Only)

Tim athletau Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy a ddaeth yn fuddugol yng ngystadlaeth Athletau Sir Conwy ar y 29.4.2015 ym Mharc Eirias. 

100m Iestyn Thomas  1af
200m Arthur Lennon 1af
400m Aled Osborn 2il
800m Sam Power  2il
1500m Sam Power 2il

Ras gyfnewid  4 x 100m   1af

Naid Hir Tom Casey  1af
Naid Triphlyg Tom Casey 2il
Naid Uchel Tom Casey 3ydd

Gwaywffon Aled Osborn  3ydd
‘Shot Put’ Aled Osborn  3ydd

Y Tim Marchogaeth yn son am eu llwyddiant (Welsh Only)

Mared Williams, Harri Williams, Jac Cernyw, Lois  Williams a Mary Jane Braunton disgyblion Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy yn cael sgwrs ar y ffon ar raglen ‘Shan Cothi’ Radio Cymru am eu  llwyddiant yn cystadlu yn Bury Park.  Daeth y ‘ Tîm Dressage’  gyntaf eleni sydd yn arbennig (daethom yn 4ydd llynedd allan o 22 yn cynnwys ysgolion bonedd enwog iawn!).  Trafododd aelodau’r tîm am eu profiadau gan esbonio'r broses o gystadlu, eu teimladau am wneud ac am eu ceffylau.  Llongyfarchiadau mawr i’r tîm ifanc a thalentog yma! Edrychwn ymlaen at glywed mwy am eu llwyddiannau.

Click here to read the Daily Post article about the team's success

Conwy's One Act Play Festival

Congratulations to Cora Roberts, Elliw Jones, Modlen Alun and Nel Davies who came 2nd on Saturday night at Conwy’s One Act Play Festival in Glan Conwy. The girls also received the Adjudicator’s Award for their performance – excellent! A talented group succeeding locally.

(Welsh Only) Ar ddydd Sadwrn 25 o Ebrill cynhaliwyd Gŵyl Un Act Conwy. Gyda arbenigedd Craig Ryder a Nathan Goodwin fel yr is-gyfarwyddwr fe ddaeth grŵp o ferched Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, sef Cora Roberts Bl.10, Elliw Jones Bl.8, Modlen Alun Bl.8 a Nel Davies Bl.7 yn ail yn y gystadleuaeth. Roedd y merched hefyd wedi cael ennill Gwobr Beirniaid Perfformiad Unigol Gorau am ganu yn yr act. Cefndir yr act oedd bod y merched yn blant mewn gofal. Cafwyd un o’r merched eu mabwysiadu ond fe redodd i ffwrdd o’i theulu newydd. Cyfarfu’r pedair merch a’i gilydd ar drip Dug Caeredin lle aeth chwarae droi’n chwerw.   Llongyfarchiadau mawr i’r merched ar eu llwyddiant!

The Equestrian Team at Bury Farm
Congratulations to the following who were very successful in last weekend’s equestrian event in Bury Farm. The Equestrian team won First place this year in the dressage – a spectacular win! Congratulations to the team – Mared Williams, Harri Williams, Jac Cernyw and Harriet Williams. The Show-jumping team was also very successful gaining 6th place against a very competitive field. Congratulations to Jac Cernyw, Loiw Williams, Harri Williams a Hermione Williams. Hermione was also 7th in her individual event. The team are going from strength to strength. We are very proud of them all – well done!

Congratulations Morgan Metcalf
Congratulations to Morgan Metcalf, year 12 who won first prize for his artefact under 19years old in the Urdd Eisteddfod this year. Mali Bleddyn Evans, year 7 was also successful in winning first prize in the colour print competition for years 7, 8 and 9. Congratulations also go to Owain Llyr Williams who won first prize for his creative 2D Textiles work for years 7, 8 and 9 and to Elin Badger Watts who came 3rd. This is a superb achievement for each of them and our thanks go to the Art Department who supported them.


Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils researching the Eclipse: 20/3/15

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils researching the Eclipse: 20/3/15

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Girls' Rugby team - Second in Wales in the Urdd tournament in Llanelli 19/3/15.
Congratulations to the girls who represented the school at the match. After a very early start and a busy day of matches, the girls competed furiously across the different rounds ending up in the finals. This is their record of achievement:

Game 1: Ysgol Aberaeron 0 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 25
Game 2: Ysgol Bryn Tirion 12 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 34
Game 3: Ysgol Bryn Gwyn 12 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 17

Quarter-final: Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen 0 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 24
Semi-final: Ysgol Bryn Gwyn 12 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 19
Final: Ysgol Dyffryn Aman 12 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 0.

Congratulations to the Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Equestrian Team and their recent success in competing at Northcott, near Blackpool.
Following a very early journey here are the team’s success stories:
1) Dressage 7 Test
1st Harri Williams
2nd Jac Cernyw
3rd Cari Jones
4th Mared Williams

12 Test
1st Harri Williams
Joint 2nd Mared Wiliams and Jac Cernyw
3rd Russell Wingfield
Timau Dyffryn Conwy 1st and 2nd in both tests.

2) Jumping:

70cm Team event: Lois Williams, Harriet a Hermoine Williams a Jac Cernyw 1st
Unigolion: 2nd Hermoine Williams 3rd Jac Cernyw

80 cm Team Event: Lois, Hermoine, Harri a Jac 1st
80 cm Team Event: Mary Jane Braunton, Russell Wingfield, Harriet Williams, Efa Celyn 4th
90 cm Team Event: Mary Jane Braunton, Cari, Harriet and Efa 4th
Mary Jane Braunton 3rd in the individual event.

The pupils were very supportive of each other throughout the competition, even in competing teams! They were a real asset to the school – we are very proud of them!

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Chaired Eisteddfod 2015
plant yn canu

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Chaired Eisteddfod was held on Friday, February 27th.

Osian Roberts – Head Boy, Lois Evans – Head Girl and Elliw Baines, Youth Officer, guided competitors and audience alike through a day filled with activity and variety.

Thanks is due to our adjudicators, including Rhiannon Ifan, who adjudicated Music and the Composition Medal, Esyllt Tudur, who adjudicated Recitation and Light Entertainment, Grace Charles, Dance adjudicator and Dwynwen Berry, Drama Medal adjudicator for their work in the Eisteddfod. Many thanks, also, to Myrddin ap Dafydd for adjudicating the competition for the Chair this year.

The Eisteddfod was opened by Elliw and five points were immediately offered to the House that could make the loudest noise, to ensure that everyone was awake!! Geirionnydd were the first to win some marks! Click here to read the full report

Click here to see more photos

Art and Craft Yr Urdd Competition (Welsh Only)

Llongyfarchiadau mawr i Morgan Metcalfe o Flwyddyn 12 ar ennill y wobr am yr Eitem Orau yn yr Adran Uwchradd yn nghystadleuaeth Celf a Chrefft Urdd Conwy.

Pob lwc i ti yn y rownd nesaf!




Peter Pan - The Musical
sioe gerdd

Congratulations and Many Thanks to the Pupils, Staff and Friends who helped to with the excellent presentation of "Peter Pan" the musical, during the last week of the season.

Click here to see more photos

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Dressage Team 2014
Late 2013 a few pupils at the school realised there was a school equestrian association in the UK. Knowing the school had a large amount of horse riding pupils, they and a few parents decided to ask the school if they would be interested in starting a team. Thankfully the school agreed. The parents and school then worked together to join the association and get pupils of the school to show who would be interested, they got a great response from many of us!



Next was the competing. Being one of the only schools in Wales and the only one in North Wales to start a team, the closest competitions were Cheshire and Staffordshire, so there was a lot of travelling involved. The school gave a contribution and we started competing. Teams and individuals then went Showjumping and had great results! Then in February 2014, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy helped 4 of their pupils enter The National Schools Equestrian Associations (NSEA) qualifier in South View Equestrian, Cheshire. Being the first year we weren't expecting much, most of the schools competing in this league are private schools and the majority would have also have equestrian training as part of the curriculum. Something YDC definitely doesn't have! Luckily we got a placing of 2nd and Tonisha also got an individual qualification which secured us a place in the national championships in Addington Equestrian Centre, Buckingham! This then gave us four team members the ambition of at least getting there, we knew it would be a long, tiring and costly journey but we were very ambitious and wanted a chance to compete there as it may be the first and last time we get the chance. The team consisted of four very talented young riders; Annie Monks who won Pony Club Novice Champion 2014, Tonisha Cornford who has won British Dressage U25's Prelim National Champion, Elain Jones who did amazingly at county shows last year and Harri Williams who also regularly placed at the same U25's Championship as Tonisha and also achieved 2nd & 3rd in his working hunter classes at this years Royal Welsh.

The cost to send the team and their horses down to Addington was fairly high. It included entry fees, fuel, stabling costs and overnight accommodation for the riders. We really wanted to take part as it would be a real achievement for both us and the school. The school gave a big contribution and were very supportive of us in helping us get to the championships, we are truly very thankful of that, and we would also like to give a big thank you to our amazing parents and our sponsors: Meadowvale Garage-Llanrwst. IEC Connect, Penrhyd Dressage, Cambrian Park and Leisure Home, JMJ Travel LTD, two anonymous contributions(you know who you are!), Y Gyrlan Gain, The Crafnant Trust, The Monks Family, Dylan Jones Welding and Steel Fabrication, SBS Bookeeping, J. Eifion Williams Tiling, The Meadowsweet Hotel, John Lloyd Williams and Pont y Garth holiday cottages, because we wouldn't have been able to do this without you! We also held fundraisers at the school selling sweets for profitable amounts and guess the amount of sweets activities.
At the championship the team acquired an amazing placing of 4th out of 24 teams from all over the United Kingdom and Tonisha was over the moon with an individual placing of 3rd. Two of the schools that placed above us have an equestrian school in Britain and another one in Dubai, the other school have their own cross country course training facilities. We did amazing being up against many big equestrian schools like this.

Please view the photos on our facebook page 'Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy dressage team 2014' showing of our progress in the qualifier and at the championship. We are truly grateful for the communities support including being featured on Dylan Jones morning show on BBC Radio Cymru and also Newyddion 9 on S4C. We have all agreed it was amazing and our next goal is to see if we can qualify again in the future as a school, it was an amazing experience to be part of and we hope we get the same luck next time as we did this year.

Tystysgrif RYLA (Welsh Only)

Lluniau o John Brereton ac Alannah Russell yn derbyn eu tystysgrif RYLA gan Mr Richard Howe, Llywydd Rotari Dyffryn Conwy.

Tri o ddisgyblion YDC gafodd lwyddiant yn cystadlu yn y Ffair Aeaf (Welsh Only)
Tri o ddisgyblion YDC

Tri o ddisgyblion YDC gafodd lwyddiant yn cystadlu yn y Ffair Aeaf - roeddent wedi ennill eu dosbarth yn Sir Eryri a Chlwyd cyn cystadlu yn erbyn 14 o siroedd eraill yn Llanelwedd:

Dylan Roberts, Clwb Llanrwst - 2il barnu biff dan 18
Jac Ellis , Clwb Ysbyty Ifan - 2il barnu wyn dan 16 a thlws am yr araith orau yn Gymraeg yn ei ddosbarth.
Llywela Edwards, Clwb Uwchaled - 2il barnu biff dan 16

Cwis Daearyddol (Welsh Only)
QUIZ Bu criw o flwyddyn 9 Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy yn cynrychioli'r ysgol a'r adran Ddaearyddiaeth mewn cwis Daearyddol mis Rhagfyr ym Mhrifysgol Caer. Roedd ysgolion ar draws Gogledd Cymru a sir Gaer yn cymeryd rhan yn y cwis. Daethant yn 5ed ac 8fed allan o 20 tim - da iawn yn wir. Llongyfarchiadau iddynt i gyd."

Rhes gefn (chwith i'r dde): Efa Celyn, Trystan Jones, Jake Grove, Howard Wingfield
Rhes flaen: Harri Williams, Rosy Pearson, Ianto Smith a Ifan Prys Jones

Keep Wales Tidy
This week, Keep Wales Tidy put the people of Wales to the test by calling on them to take part in a week long, nationwide, clean-up of littered black spots in towns, villages and the countryside.



Tidy Wales Week will take place from 15th – 21st September 2014 and we are hoping that people living in every corner of the country will show how much they care for their local area by getting involved in hands-on, problem-solving action.

Last year hundreds of volunteers of all ages did their bit to clean up their neighbourhoods and as a result many long standing litter blots on the landscape were removed. The week of action resulted in thousands of bags of litter being recovered.

Lesley Jones, Keep Wales Tidy Chief Executive said;
“Wales is a beautiful country but unfortunately we still have a big litter problem and Tidy Wales Week is a reminder that we can all do our bit to make a positive change. We live in busy times but most of us could spare a couple of hours to make our local area a nicer place to live. Please help us to make a difference and make Tidy Wales Week 2014 the most successful to date.”

We, 10 Tudur, went to Llanrwst town on Tuesday to help with this campaign. The activity also contributed to our BAC community hours, and you too could do the same as we did to help tidy up your area. Remember – keep Wales tidy.


A-Level Results 2014

“We are all delighted that Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils have once again performed exceptionally well and we are all very proud of their achievements. This year’s results show continued success in Advanced Level, Vocational A Levels and BTECs, as well as the Welsh Baccalaureate. 

Among our number of high achievers this year are Lowri Roberts A*, A*, A,  A; Elin Arfon, A*, A, A; Elin Wrennall A, A, A; Leah Hamilton A*, A, B; Lois Wynne A, A, B; Gwen Thomas A*, A, C; Amy Jones and Ceri Noble A, B, B; Roxanna Richardson Distinction*, A, C; Emily Watson Bacc, A, B, C; Erin Owen, Stephanie Jones and Hanna Dobson A, B, C; Erin Rossington Distinction-Merit, B, B; Morgan Evans Double Distinction, B, C; Jack Williams Bacc, B, C and Elen Hughes and Isabelle Adams B, B, B.  

Today is therefore a day for celebration, an opportunity on behalf of the School and its Governors to congratulate all pupils their parents and families, and staff for their continued hard work and dedication.  We wish all our students every success in the future and look forward to tracking their achievement through University, further study and their future careers.”

GCSE Results 2014

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy are once again celebrating another year of excellent results.  We are all proud of our pupils and on behalf of the whole school we congratulate all pupils and their families on these excellent results. Their success is richly deserved and we look forward to welcoming most of them back to our sixth form next week.   I would also like to thank all my staff for all their hard work. There is also additional reason to celebrate this year with excellent Welsh Baccalaureate results being added to their already impressive CV. 

Once again a number of pupils have achieved at the very highest level including our three sets of twins.  Pictured are Llywela (3A*, 6As) and Ceridwen Edwards (3A*, 7As) of Cerrigydrudion and Jasmine (1A*, 7A, 2B) and Hannah Cash (1A*, 4A, 4B) of Dolgarrog. Other high attainers are Rhiannon Hughes (5A*, 4A, 1B), Ilan Owen (3A*, 4A, 3B), Joshua Bradnam (5A*, 4A), Rachel Gates (5A*, 3A, 2B), Branwen Morris (3A*, 5A, 2B), Llion Roberts (2A*, 7A, 1B),  Joanthon Coates, (5A*, 3A, 1B), Luca Carpena (3A*, 3A, 3B), Ciara Rickard (3A*, 2A, 3B), Joachim Rigotti, (3A*, 2A, 3B), Bee Wylie (2A*, 3A, 2B, 2C).

A delighted Ceridwen Edwards said ‘I was delighted to have done so well after all my hard work.”

Head Teacher Paul Matthews-Jones was also delighted to see so many smiles, a reminder of what success means to our young people and how hard they have worked and deserved it. I congratulate all of them and all their families. It really has been a wonderful year for everyone associated with the school. Following an excellent Estyn report and excellent A Level results . Today as always is about the pupils, and with an increase in our English, Maths and Welsh results they have plenty to celebrate. I wish them all the best for the future.
Paul Matthews-Jones, Head Teacher, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, 21/08/14

Newsletter from the Head June 2014

Click here to read the Newsletter

Year 12 Pupils visiting Cambridge University
Llanrwst Gala


During the last three years we at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy have strengthened our link with Cambridge University, particularly Magdalene College. This has enabled us to fully support applicants such as Haydn Jenkins (2013/14) gain entry to the University. This year we were invited to the University's open day and Magdalene College kindly provided us with free accommodation. This enabled us to take seven students to visit Cambridge, giving them an opportunity to visit some of the remarkable colleges and more importantly, gain an insight into the University's rigorous admission process. Here is a report by Natasha Bell about the visit. ....... - click here

To view the photos - click here

Llanrwst Gala
Llanrwst Gala


All Day Family Fun Day

Gwydir Park


6th July 2014

for more details click here


Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, an excellent choice of sports clubs!

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, an excellent choice of sports clubs - watch the video!


Sports Cymru Ambassador of the Month

Congratulations to Emily Watson ( Year 13) currently a Conwy Platinum Ambassadors, having been chosen as Sports Cymru Ambassador of the month.

Click here for more information



Elin Arfon – Cymraeg, Ffrangeg – Caerdydd – (Ysgoloriaeth Ysgol y Gymraeg)

Glesni Lloyd
– Drama, Cymraeg – Aberystwyth – (Cynnig Di-amod) ; Bangor (Ysgoloriaeth Mynediad)

Elen Hughes – Hanes, Gwleidyddiaeth – Aberystwyth – (Ysgoloriaeth Mynediad), (Ysgoloriaeth Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol)

Hanna Dobson – Hanes, Cymraeg – Aberystwyth – (Ysgoloriaeth Mynediad); Bangor (Ysgoloriaeth Mynediad)

Erin Owen – Hanes - Aberystwyth (Cynnig Di-amod)

Siriol Elis – Sbaeneg, Cymraeg – Aberystwyth – (Cynnig Di-amod)

After School Drama Club

Click here to see pupils enjoying creating masks in the after school drama club


Equestrian Team

Best of luck to the Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Equestrian team this weekend.

Click here for more information

Megan Roberts Represents Great Britain (Saesneg yn unig)

I represented Great Britain two weeks ago, in the discipline of Dressage in equestrian.

The competition was held in Addington, there were countries such as Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, France and Finland.

It was a great experience and one I will never forget. It has always been my dream to represent Great Britain and to have finally achieved it was just amazing.

I would like to thank my family, friends, sponsors and school for helping me through this incredible journey.

Hopefully I can continue my dream of being a professional equestrian and inspire others to do so to.

Megan Roberts, Age 15, 10B

Fantastic success for Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils in the Bangor University Science Festival Art competition
Despite almost 100 entries, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy actually walked away both first and second prizes and all of the high commendations in the secondary school category.

This year the first prize was awarded to Charlotte Griffiths 7P and the second prize to Gwen Arfon 7M. This means they have each won a family ticket to Greenwood Forest Park, and Charlotte has also won a full day art workshop for her class, which will be run by the University/Pontio artist in residence Bedwyr Williams. This workshop it will be held in the University natural history museum, so it should be an enjoyable day out for all of the children.

In addition, the entries of the following seven pupils were all highly commended:
Modlen Alun 7M
Angharad Ellyn Butler 7G
Dylan Evans 7M
Elliw Fflur Ford 7M
Elliw Jones 7M
Sam Jones
Kyra Campbell 7P

All of the winning and highly-commended entries from the art competition will be framed and displayed in a public exhibition at Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery from 14-23rd March, and there is a prize-giving ceremony at the Gallery on Saturday 15th March at 11am

Another excellent sporting week for Dyffryn Conwy
On a wet and windy afternoon Ysgol Llanfyllin were the opponents in the last 16 round of the Welsh Schools Rugby u 16 competitions. It was an excellent performance and an away fixture in Cardiff beckons in the quarter final

Year 7 boys on Thursday night matched their year 8 counterparts by winning the Conwy 8 a side rugby tournament at Eirias. The smiles said it all on Thursday morning and the cup was safely placed in the cabinet.

Thursday was all about year 7 and 8 girl’s football team. Following a great win against Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Prestatyn High were the opponents in this last 16 Welsh Cup competition. Two excellent goals from Fflur were enough to seal a 2-1 victory and a quarter final place. Some achievement.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy’s very successful Careers Fair
disgyblion Our Careers Fair was on the 23rd of January 2014, where students in Years 9 were given the opportunity to gather information and ask questions of our delegates. The purpose of the fair was to engage pupils about career opportunities, especially before making their choices in March. As usual, our visitors were full of praise for our students and the questions they raised.

The following organisations were represented:

• R.L.Davies,
• Conwy County Borough Council,
• Institute of Motor Industry,
• Wern Vets, Llanrwst,
• Howell Jones & Co,
• Siân Edwards – Nurse
• FUW,
• Menter Iaith Conwy
• North Wales RUC,
• G M Jones,
• Tree Tops Adventure,
• Owain Williams - Outdoor Partnership,
• Cambrian Collge,
• Siwgr a Sbeis,
• Barry Craven - Physiotherapist,
• Careers Wales.

Many thanks to all for their contributions. Click here to see more photos

YSGOL DYFFRYN CONWY: CHAMPIONS- Year 7 and 8 7 a-side Rugby Tournament
tim rygbi tim rygbi The tournament was held at Parc Eirias (22/1/14), in a huge building known as The Barn. In it there is plastic pitch, and grinded rubber. The plastic pitch in this building is horrendous and very harsh and if you fall you will have a ghastly scar; it is not the most pleasant of lands to play on.

There were quite a few of us in the squad, 11 year 8 and 2 year 7. The players were: Dylan, Tomos, Ilan, Trystan, Josh, Jacob, Brenig, Harri, Ifan, Ynyr, Berwyn, Howard and Penri our captain. We are all members of the local rugby club - Clwb Rygbi Nant Conwy.

We arrived at Parc Eirias with everyone so keen to play. The first game was against Bryn Eilian School Each game lasted ten minutes so we needed to score right from the very first whistle. The opposition were very inexperienced and this was reflected in the final score – 7:1.
Our second game was just about to start with the opposition looking big and strong. It started quiet but soon one of our forwards broke free and was going for a try in the middle. The opposition’s heads were going down following the try leaving gaps in their defences and so the final score was 5:2 for us.

Our next opposition were the old local derby enemies -Ysgol y Creuddyn . After watching them beat Bryn Eilian we knew their strength. At first the game was quite flat but after a couple of minutes our opponents scored in the corner. Then we hit back and scored three tries and won the game (3:2).
That victory secured our place in the semi-final. After a break and a snack, we were ready for the next game- Ysgol John Bright. It was a fierce start to the game. Their defence was very strong. There was no score and the game nearly over when one of our players scored in the corner securing a final score of 1:0. We were in the final.

We were against Eirias School in the final; they were the favourites to win the tournament. We knew some of the players so it was quite a personal game for us. It was a gruelling start to the game; it became pretty obvious that this was getting to be a hard. There was no score in the first half then suddenly out of nowhere one of our players broke a tackle and went for a crucial try. Walking back to the bus, limping but happy, there were smiles all round for Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy.

We must thank Mr Ioan Hughes for driving the bus and for his encouragement.

Ifan Prys Jones


Disgyblion 6ed YDC ar wahoddiad S4C yn trafod materion Cymreig a chyfoes yng Nghaerdydd ac yn y Cynulliad. (English coming soon)
disgyblion Ar wahoddiad S4C ym mis Tachwedd aeth chwech disgybl o flwyddyn 13 i Gaerdydd i gymryd rhan yn sioe deithiol; ysgolion ‘Hacio’n holi’. Cawsom gyfle i ddadlau dros dri phwnc cyfoes a pherthnasol i ni, pobl ifanc Cymru, yn Nhŷ Hywel sef yr hen Senedd sydd nawr yn cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer bobl ifanc. Tŷ Hywel yw’r unig siambr dadlau sydd yno yn arbennig i bobl ifanc yn Ewrop, i sicrhau bod Llywodraeth Cymru yn clywed ein barn ni, Cymry’r dyfodol.

Wedi siwrnau hir i Gaerdydd cyrhaeddom westy’r Ibis a chyfarfod â disgyblion y saith ysgol arall oedd wedi teithio o bob cwr o Gymru. Y noson honno, cawsom swper yn y Novotel drws nesaf, ble roedd Nigel Owens a Tara Bethan yn disgwyl amdanom ni gyda Catrin Haf, cyflwynydd Hacio a chadeirydd ein dadleuon y diwrnod canlynol. Cawsom gwis gan Nigel Owens a Tara Bethan wedi i ni gael swper, gan brofi ein gwybodaeth gyffredinol. Yn bersonol roeddem yn teimlo fod y cwestiynau ychydig bach yn anoddach na chwestiynau gwybodaeth gyffredinol ond wnai ddim cwyno gormod oherwydd cawsom ail yn y diwedd! (Heb os nac oni bai, yr adran ffilm a theledu gododd ein marciau i fyny! – gormod o deledu yn cael ei wylio yn Nyffryn Conwy yn amlwg!) Cawsom noson hwylus dros ben yng nghwmni Nigel Owens a Tara Bethan a chyfarfod disgyblion yr ysgolion eraill.
Bore wedyn, roedd yn rhaid codi yn olew i gael brecwast erbyn 7.56y.b. (wn i ddim pam amseru mor benodol, mi fysa wyth o’r gloch wedi gneud fwy o synnwyr ond dyna ni – dim ni oedd yn trefnu!) Wedi brecwast, aethom ar y bws i Dŷ Hywel i ddechrau’r dadlau. Y pwnc cyntaf oedd Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol, yr ail oedd yr iaith Gymraeg a safon yr iaith, a’r trydydd oedd ein barn ni am y cynulliad – ydy’r Senedd wir yn cymryd diddordeb yn yr hyn sydd gan bobl ifanc Cymru i’w ddweud? Roedd y dadlau’n boeth yno ymysg yr ifanc, ac o dan arweinyddiaeth Catrin cafwyd tair trafodaeth hynod ddifyr a llawn emosiwn. Cafodd Cymry’r dyfodol gyfle i ddadlau, trafod a thaeru yn ogystal â chael cinio blasus yn Nhŷ Hywel.

Yn ystod y p’nawn aethom i’r Senedd ei hun i weld yr Aelodau Seneddol wrth eu gwaith. Roedd yn brofiad gwych i gael gweld sut roedd y wlad yn cael ei rhedeg, ac roedd hynny mewn modd eithaf pwyllog, distaw a di-gyffro o’i gymahru â’r cyffro a’r dadlau tanboeth sydd yn disgwydd yn San Steffan.
Roedd yn brofiad gwerth chweil; cyfle i ni bobl ifanc Cymru fynegi ein barn ar bynciau sy’n bwysig iawn i ni. Diolch yn fawr i S4C am roi’r cyfle i ni wneud hyn.
Hanna Owen Dobson – Bl 13

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils shortlisted in best short ffilm category Media4Schools
logo ffilmiau'r ffin
disgyblion yng Nghaerdydd

Media4Schools letter- click here

The film can be seen on the Ffilmiau'r Ffin website - click here

Ten pupils recently went through to the top 6 in the ‘Media i Gymru’ competition. They were Cadi Edwards, Beca Williams, Elin Cawley, Mali Sion, Lleucu Howatson, Cora Roberts, Kimberley Godbert, Chloe Adams, Anna Carpena and Amelia Maddox. They had to travel to Cardiff to be present at the awards ceremony for the winners (no one knew at the time who had won).

The group started from school at 9 am on a Sunday morning so that they could have time to enjoy the Capital City of Wales. The school paid for the mini-bus’ return journey and for the driver, and the hotel costs of the filming crew. The pupils were very grateful for this and wanted to express their thanks to the school for their generosity. The pupils would also like to thank the three mothers who went with them as chaperones- Michelle Roberts, Sian Howatson and Rhian Williams.

After arriving at the luxurious hotel in Cardiff they all went shopping and to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the city. It was magical as thousands of Christmas lights twinkled above them as if they were in a disco. Carols were sung by choirs whilst enthusiastic shoppers walked amongst the decorated stalls. They had supper at the hotel at a low price but of a high quality, so everyone was happy. They retired to bed so they would face the big day eagerly.

They went to the Bay to visit the historical and iconic buildings such as the Government Building. The awards ceremony was held at the Millennium Centre. It was a very interesting day and the party could watch the filming of others in the competition. Although they had not won, they were the youngest competitors in the category, so they were very grateful of having the opportunity to be there in the first place, especially as there were more than a hundred competitors and they had become one of the sixth highest in Wales!

Gwenllian's Successs

Gwenllian Pyrs represents Wales at the International Sheepdog Trials - click here for more information

Pupils success in partnership with the Rotary Club

Congratulations to Annie Monks and Leah Hamilton on receiving their certificates from President Peter Farr for their participation in the Rotary Youth Leadership Course (RYLA) at Arthog in August. Both girls gave an excellent presentation in a recent Rotary meeting.

Click here

‘Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Llanrwst yn cael eisteddfod wych' a cyngerdd ar 9fed o Ragfyr

Wedi’r llwyddiant o gael ail yn Eisteddfod Eryri cafodd pum eitem o Glwb Llanrwst eu gyrru i Eisteddfod Cymru ym Môn i gynrychioli Eryri. Y pum eitem a aeth i Gymru oedd Llefaru dan 21, Parti Llefaru, yr Ensemble Lleisiol, Parti Tri llais a’r Côr.

Eleni, roedd y safon ym Môn yn uwch fyth a chafwyd gwledd gan ddoniau Ffermwyr Ifanc Cymru o hanner awr wedi deg y bore Sadwrn tan un o’r gloch fore Sul. Oedd, roedd hi’n ddiwrnod hir ond trwy gydol y diwrnod redden ni Clwb Llanrwst yn prysur ennill gwobrau.

Ben bore cystadlodd Hanna Owen Dobson ar y Llefaru gan gael trydydd. Yna, cystadlodd y Parti Llefaru yn y prynhawn gan lefaru’r darn ‘Siwan’ gan y
Prifardd Tudur Dylan Jones, darn heriol, ond darn a wnaeth gwyrthiau i ni wrth i ni gael yr ail wobr. Ensemble Lleisiol oedd y gystadleuaeth nesaf gyda’r prynhawn a chanu’r darn ‘Carol Parsal’ un o oreuon Gilmor Griffiths. Gyda’r gystadleuaeth hon ddaeth yn ail, ail Wobr i Glwb Llanrwst.

Wedi’r toriad ddechreuodd y cystadlu boethi eto, a’r parti tri llais oedd nesaf. Unrhyw ddarn allan o ‘Gwin Beaujolais’ gan Robat Arwyn. A’r darn a wnaethon ni ei dewis oedd ‘Y Dderwen Ddu’, roedd y safon yn uchel, ond cafwyd llwyddiant gyda’r trydydd ail wobr!

Pan ddaeth cystadleuaeth y côr oedd hwyliau pawb yn uchel ac yn barod i wneud sioe dda o’r darn gosod ‘Ar Hen Aelwyd’ gan Owain Llwyd. Allan o saith côr roedd trydydd yn gamp ond, daeth ein pedwerydd ail o’r Eisteddfod! Dyma’r tro cyntaf i Lanrwst ganu fel côr yn Eisteddfod Cymru, ac i gael ail - roedd yn gamp wych! Diwrnod hynod lwyddiannus i Glwb Llanrwst ac i Eryri fel Sir wrth i ni ddod yn bedwerydd!

Hoffwn ddiolch i Angharad Ellis am hyfforddi ac i Enlli am y gyfeilio. I Dennis Davies am ddysgu’r llefaru ac i Llio Japheth am ddysgu’r sgets i Eisteddfod Eryri! Hefyd i Swyddogion y Clwb, Lois, Glenna, Eurgain Baines ac Eurgain Hughes ac i’r holl aelodau eraill am eu llwyddiant a’r gwaith caled!

Mae gennym gyngerdd gyda holl eitemau'r Eisteddfod ar Nos Lun, Rhagfyr y 9fed! Yng Nghanolfan Cymunedol Llanrwst am 7.30 yh. Felly dewch yn llu!

Hanna Owen Dobson

S4C consulting our 6th Form pupils – one of only 8 schools in Wales!
plant a phobl
There was quite some excitement at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy on Monday the 21st of October when the Hacio’n Holi came on their school tour to present and discuss current issues with sixth form students. The school was amongst only eight chosen from all over Wales to take part in this project, so it was an honour for Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils to voice their opinions and share ideas with S4C.

The presenter of this discussion was Catrin Haf Jones who is currently appearing on the S4C programme Hacio and she was given a very warm welcome along with her special guests, Nigel Owens and Tara Bethan. Nigel is of course a very familiar face to all rugby fans as he has travelled all over the world as part of his work as international rugby referee. Tara Bethan is also well-known to everyone who follows Pobol y Cwm as she has played Angela’s part for over two years.

We learned about their careers and had an interesting discussion on different aspects of their lives. During the morning session Ynyr, Lois Evans, Lois Roberts and Gwen had the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding pressures on young people, image, social websites and the future of the Welsh language.

As a follow-up 6 pupils will be representing the school at Parliament discussions in Cardiff during November. In the meantime we can confidently announce that S4C were very pleased by the standard of the discussions held at our school and Nigel Owens had been very busy that day having many new followers on Twitter! This is what he had to say on a social network the following day;
‘Was a pleasure doing a Q&A session at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy yesterday. Pupils are a credit to the school’. Nigel Owens on Twitter

Click here to see more photos

The Eco-Council visit Ysgol San Siôr in Llandudno
bechgyn rygbi

On Friday September 6th The Eco-Council visited Ysgol San Siôr in Llandudno.

We were welcomed on arrival by the Head, Mr Ian Jones. “Ysgol San Siôr is very proud to have been awarded one of the highest eco-schools awards” said Mr Jones.

This school is prominent in its commendable efforts to make the school greener. They recycled substantially and made a considerable amount of savings in this practice. They also grew vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and apples etc. and made a profit in selling these items.

One of the most specific ideas was keeping poultry. The school owned just under a 100 chickens and plans are on foot to sell them to Bodnant Farm shop. The school will benefit much from this sale.

We had many good ideas at Ysgol San Sior on how to make this school greener, so the Eco-Council will be very busy during this year making the school greener.

Click here to see our Action Plan.


IMPORTANT DATES 2013 – 2014 - click here

High achievers celebrate at glittering awards ceremony at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, Llanrwst
(o’r chwith i’r dde) Mr Geraint James ( Prif Swyddog Addysg Conwy),
Dennis Reeve a disgyblion
Guto Bebb
pawb ar y llwyfan
(left to right) Mr Geraint James
( Chief Education Officer Conwy),
Mr Paul Matthews-Jones ( Head)
Mr Guto Bebb MP
Mr Dennis Reeve Rotary Club of
Conwy Valley with winners of the
GCSE awards
Mr Bebb addressing
parents and pupils
Mr Bebb with all winners

A hugely successful awards ceremony was held at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy on September 17th which included many special guests. Although the school had an excellent 2012/13 on the sporting field and numerous successes on stage and in the National Eisteddfod, tonight was about celebrating academic excellence. Such was the academic achievement over 96 awards were given to pupils. Mr Guto Bebb MP for Aberconwy was the special guest who over the course of the evening had the pleasure of handing out many prestigious awards - click here for more information

C2 Radio Cymru yn cynnal sesiynau yn Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

Heddiw cafodd 30 o ddysgwyr chweched dosbarth Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy brofiad gwych o greu rhaglen radio a gweithdy roc. Roedd un grwp yn brysur yn cyfansoddi a pherfformio can. Cafwyd diwrnod gret a diolch i Elliw a tim y 6ed am drefnu ac wrth gwrs criw C2 a Magi Dodd am yr hwyl a’r profiad.

BBC Radio Cymru - Uchafbwyntiau, clipiau a lluniau Taith Ysgolion C2 / Ciwdod. - cliciwch yma

Tour of Britain in Llanrwst
bechgyn rygbi

Over 400 pupils had a memorable day yesterday (18/9/13) witnessing some of the World’s elite
cyclist including Sir Bradley Wiggins coming through Llanrwst racing in the Tour of Britain. - click here for more information

Excellent GCSE Results - Congratulations to all

GCSE boys

Click here to see more photos

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy are once again celebrating another year of excellent results. We are all proud of our pupils and on behalf of the whole school we congratulate all pupils and their families on these excellent results. Their success is richly deserved and we look forward to welcoming most of them back to our sixth form next week. I would also like to thank all my staff for all their hard work. There is also additional reason to celebrate this year with our pupils adding the Welsh Baccalaureate to their already impressive CV.

Once again a number of pupils have achieved at the very highest level, Lois Evans and Hannah Bird with a clean sweep of A* and A grades, but special mention this year to the boys, leading the team is Tolly Taylor 8A*/A, Ynyr Jones 8A*/A and 2B, John Brereton 6A*/A 2B 1C, Iestyn Thomas 6A*/A and 6B’s, And Wil Jones 5A’s all with the Welsh BAC. However ensuring the girls had their share of A*/A are Erin Jones 7A*/A, Alanah Russell 6A*/A, Natasha Bell 5A*/A, , Talia Williams 5A*/A , Anest Jones 5A 5B and Caira Jones with 5 A all of them with other excellent GCSE grades in addition to the Welsh BAC.

A delighted Tolly Taylor said ‘I have achieved what I wanted and more! Amazed and proud with myself! I’m looking forward to the sixth form, and who knows what next hopefully Cambridge.

Head Teacher Paul Matthews-Jones was also delighted to see so many smiles, a reminder of what success means to our young people and how hard they have worked and deserved it. I congratulate all of them and all their families.

A Level Results 2013

A level pupils

Click here to see more photos

We are all delighted that Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils have once again performed exceptionally well and we are all very proud of their achievements. We are also celebrating this year our first set of Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced results in addition to the successes of our pupils following vocational A Levels and BTEC’S. Among our high achievers are Cambridge bound Haydn Jenkins A* A* A* A, Ffion Adele Hughes A* A* A*, Benjamin Elias Griffith A* A A , Samuel Watkins A A A , Mali Roberts A* A* and the Welsh BAC , Angharad Evans A A C and the Welsh BAC, Emily Valentine A A B, Bethany Alana Williams A A B, Non Owen A B and the Welsh BAC, and Gethin Parry A B B B.

Today is therefore a day for celebration, but I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the School and its Governors to congratulate all pupils their parents and families, and all my staff for their continued hard work and dedication.

We wish all our students every success in the future and look forward to tracking their achievement through University and beyond.

Click Here to download the press release


Going for Gold!
bechgyn rygbi

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy has enjoyed successes in a cross section of extra curricular areas on top of their academic successes again this term - click here for more information

Leeds University Junior Maths Challenge
bechgyn rygbi

Congratulations to the following pupils from year 7 & 8 on their success in the Leeds University Junior Maths Challenge- click here for more information

Year 11 Boys Rugby Success!
bechgyn rygbi

Congratulations to boys from year 11 who were selected to play for RGC U17’s against Yorkshire on Saturday. They won 46-7. From the right it’s Arran Murray, Gethin Vaughan, Caron Rhys, Iestyn Thomas, Arthur Lennon, Derwyn Williams, Emlyn Joyce, Steven Peters (Creuddyn) and RGC Coach.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Eisteddfod Results

Click here to see the marks


Dyffryn Conwy Children's Choir
poster cor

Click on the poster for more information

Partnership with the Rotary Club of Conwy Valley
two girls

On Monday 4th of March 2013 the two of us, accompanied by our Headteacher Mr Paul Matthews-Jones, attended a Rotary dinner at Maenan Abbey. We gave a power point presentation about the residential Rotary Youth Leadership course we attended at Arthog, near Dolgellau last summer. We were grateful to receive the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) from the chairperson. We feel honoured to have had this fantastic opportunity which has also formed part of our Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

For more pictures click here

By Elin Wrennall (12J) and Hannah Bird (11W)

Welsh Department trip to Bethesda  
6ed ym Methesda

Gan ein bod yn astudio’r nofel Un Nos Ola Leuad gan Caradog Prichard, bu ein dosbarth Cymraeg yn ddigon ffodus i gael mynd ar drip i Fethesda a chael ein tywys o amgylch yr ardal gan Dr J. Elwyn Hughes - cliciwch yma am fwy o wybodaeth

Report by Mared Jones 13 W

Report on Hairspray  

The pupils of Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy were very busy last term preparing for the production of the well-known musical “Hairspray”. The show was performed bilingually by a cast of Years 7-13 pupils, some of the teachers were also part of the show ... click here for more information

High achievers celebrate at glittering awards ceremony at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

gwobrwyo A hugely successful awards ceremony was held on January 8th which was well attended by pupils and parents. Academic, sporting, and musical talents were celebrated along with pupil attendance - click here for more information

Welsh language terminology
The official source of Welsh language terminology for the education system in Wales is Y Termiadur Addysg. The bilingual website includes over 60,000 terms and is also now available on mobile phones
Sixth Form Open Evening  

Thursday 7th February

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Click here for more information



Congratulations Llywela Edwards year 10
Translation coming soon....

Yn ddiweddar, bum yn ffodus iawn o gael cystadlu yn y gystadleuaeth barnu wyn tew yn y Ffair Aeaf yn Llanelwedd. Roeddwn wedi bod yn ymarfer a pharatoi’n drylwyr iawn cyn y diwrnod mawr, ac yn ffodus i mi, cefais 2il! Yn ogystal â hyn, cefais y wobr am yr araith orau drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. - cliciwch yma

Emily Watson  
Rising North Wales tennis star Emily Watson was among the winners at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London this month - as one of Britain’s top tennis volunteers - click here

Congratulations Haydn Jenkins  
The school would like to congratulate our Deputy Head Pupil, Haydn Jenkins on receiving the “UBS award for outstanding students” for his achievement - click here

Gŵyl Cerdd Dant  
cerdd dantiwyr November has seen many pupils from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy going for gold in a variety of fields. Congratulations to the Cerdd Dant Party who came first in the Gwyl Cerdd Dant held at Venue Cymru, Llandudno - click here

Gig Nadolig

Bl 7+8

Click here


Open Evening

Tuesday, 23rd of October
5:30 Onwards

Click Here


Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy 2012-2013

Main Homework Competitions - click here

Closing date: 19th December 2012


GCSE 2012 Results  
A Level students

We are delighted to celebrate our best ever results, excelling on last year in the key indicators, with the % of pupils gaining A*-C in English and Mathematics again increasing significantly. We are all so proud of our pupils and on behalf of the whole school we congratulate all pupils and their families on these excellent results. Their success is richly deserved and we look forward to welcoming most of them back to our sixth form next week. I would also like to thank all my staff for all their hard work.

Once again pupils have achieved at the very highest level, Elin Arfon, Lowri Llwyd Roberts and Elin Wrennall are celebrating an astonishing clean sweep of 10 straight A*, and among our other high achievers are Lois Wynne Trefor and Hannah Dobson with 10 A*/A grades, Erin Angharad Owen
with 9A*/A and 1B , Jennifer Crane 8A*/A and 2B’s , Leah Hamilton 8A*/A and 2B’s and Ffion Davison celebrating 7A*/A and 2B’s .

Lowri Roberts , Elin Arfon and Elin Wrennall are best friends , and a delighted Lowri said ‘ This has taken a lot of effort and determination, but by no means has it been easy’ Elin added ‘ To triumph with two of my best friends since nursery is the best feeling ever!’ ‘This is definitely the cherry on
top, with an extra few sprinkles’ said a delighted Elin Arfon.

In addition to our GCSE success, all pupils also passed their BTEC and OCR Vocational courses in ICT, Business and Sport.

As a school we were delighted to see so many smiles and tears of joy filling the hall, a reminder of what success means to our young people and how hard they have worked and deserved it. Click here for more information and click here to see the photos.

A Level 2012 Results  
A Level students

Once again Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils have performed exceptionally well and we are all very proud of their achievements. Once again we have a 100% pass rate . Among our high achievers are , Elin Medi Owen A* A A A, Dafydd Gwilym Evans A* A* A, Daniel Carwyn Jones A* A A , Catrin Davies A A B C, Non Hughes A A B, Emily Crane B B C C and a special mention to Rachel Johncock in Olympic year, Rachel gained an excellent A A B while travelling to Birmingham following her mathematics A Level exam to run in the Olympic Trials. Not only did she make the semi finals but also went straight to Barcelona to represent Great Britain at under 20 level. Hopefully her next port of call will be Rio!

Today is therefore a day for celebration, but I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the School and its Governors to congratulate all students, their parents, and all my staff for their hard work.

We wish all our students every success in the future and look forward to tracking their achievement through University and beyond. Click here for more information.

Urdd Success for Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

cor cerdd dantCor Cerdd Dant

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yr Urdd beckoned with Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy representing Conwy in no less than 15 competitions. The Glynllifon Maes was muddy and wet and the forecast was glum, however nothing could dampen the spirits of the pupils as the months of practices accumulated in the final performances against the best in Wales.

During the week nearly 100 pupils represented the school in various competitions and all performances were of a n extremely high standard and to be congratulated. The months of hard work and dedication by pupils and staff alike paid dividends as the Cerdd dant choir Yr.13 and under and the Ymgom Yr. 10-13 came first. This was a tremendous achievement with the majority of the members busy studying for their GCSE and A-Level exams.

The public speaking team was awarded 3rd prize and Joshua Bradnam- Smith Yr.9 performed brilliantly on the violin in the string competition Yr. 7-9 to secure third place. Several other choirs and individuals were very close to the stage according to the adjudicators. School pupils also enjoyed successes as members of local branches of the Urdd. Cadi Edwards, an Year 7 pupil and her younger brother, Sion, secured 1st place in the Cerdd Dant Duet yr.9 and under, representing Aelwyd Llanrwst and Erin Gwyn Rossington , a pupil at the school, came 3rd in the Girls Solo Yrs.10-13, representing Aelwyd Bro Cernyw. Pupils also
performed successfully in several group competitions with Aelwyd Llangwm and Aelwyd Bro Cernyw on the final day of competitions

By Friday evening the muddy , wet conditions were quickly forgotten and put into perspective when compared to the successes, enthusiasm and spirit of the Urdd members ay Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy.

Rhodri a Glyn: Ymgom Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yr Urdd Eryri 2012 - Results
Cor Cerdd Dant Bl 10-13 : 1af
Ymgom Bl 10-13 : 1af
Tim Siarad Cyhoeddus Bl 10-13 : 3ydd
Unawd Llinynnol Bl 7-9 : 3ydd Joshua Bradnam Smith 9E
Cyfansoddi Cerddoriaeth blynyddoedd 7,8 a 9 : 1af Cadi Gwyn Edwards 7 Machno
Gwaith Serameg / Crochenwaith Blwyddyn 9 : 1af Branwen Tudur Morus 9 W
Gwaith Tecstiliau 2D blynyddoedd 7 ac 8 : 3ydd Aisha Griffiths 7 Garmon

Venue Cymru  
Congratulations and good luck to Jenny Crane who will be performing at Venue Cymru on 30th June & 1st of July - click here for more information

Eryri under 14 cricket team contains FOUR Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils
siwmper criced

Congratulations to: Jac Hughes, Aron Hughes, Adam Thomas ac Emyr Court.

The game itself was also dominated by our pupils with Welsh International Jack Hughes starring with 2 wickets in containing Carmarthen to 186 for 6 wickets and in reply Jack steered the home side home with a match winning innings of 82.

Excellent Mathematicians at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy

Congratulations to all in year 7 and 8 who have excelled in the Leeds University Maths Challenge. Gold certificates were awarded to Russell Wingfield and Owain Jones, (year 8) Silver certificates to Aron Hughes and Charlotte Wright (also year 8) and to Hannah Roberts and Harry Tong (year 7).

Bronze certificates were awarded to Rory Thorburn and Tomos Arfon (year 8) and Euros Lloyd (year 7).

Special congratulations also to Russell Wingfield who has received an honours by the National Science Society for his mathematics work. He will receive his Award at the Urdd National Eisteddfod held in Eryri on June 7th.

Well done to all, and of course the maths department

Rachel Johncock – Year 13 Representing Great Britain U20
Rachel Johncock

Rachel Johncock of Year 12 and currently studying A2 Physical Education recently opened up her 2012 season with a steady 12.16 clocking in the 100m. Rachel was selected to represent Great Britain U20 at a meeting in Loughborough on Sunday, May 20th 2012.

She clocked 11.94secs into a 2.0mph headwind! Beating other high calibre athletes and placing second to Desiree Henry (P.B 11.51secs) who ran 11.91secs.

It is only a matter of time now before Rachel improves on her PB of 11.98secs.

Rachel was ranked 36th in the UK as a senior in 2012, and 10th as a junior. With her recent performance she has shown that she is more than capable of being amongst the top 3-4 juniors and being amongst the top 20 female sprinters in the country as a senior.

As a PE department we are extremely proud of Rachel, and wish her all the very best in the Olympic Trials.

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Pupils excel in the Art, Craft, Technology and Composing section of the Urdd National Eisteddfod 2012
buddugwyr eisteddfod

Composing a musical piece, years 7, 8 & 9 : FIRST PLACE Cadi Gwyn Edwards 7 Machno

Ceramic / Pottery Section year 9 : FIRST PLACE Branwen Tudur Morus 9 W

2D Textiles for years 7 & 8 : THIRD PLACE Aisha Griffiths 7 Garmon

From left to right : Aisha Griffiths, Cadi Gwyn Edwards, Branwen Tudur Morus

Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Shine at the Eryri County Athletics – Eirias Park, 10th of May 2012 - click here



Congratulations to the GCSE year 11 Hospitality Class, not only succeeding in their practical examinations but also raising money for Cancer Research Wales. Well Done.

Click Here for more information

jordan davies

Jordan Davies, Wales Squash Captain and one of Europe’s best players

Click here for more information


Mae gennym Dystysgrifau Arholiadau Lefel A & AS yn mynd yn ôl i 2001.
Cysylltwch a Maria Roberts yn y swyddfa ar 01492 642800 am ragor o wybodaeth.


Arolygwyr Arholiadau – Tâl : £10 yr awr.
Cysylltwch a Delyth Williams 01492 642800 am ragor o wybodaeth


Congratulations to Abigail Backshal

Click here for more information

urdd results

Canlyniadau Eisteddfod Results Sir Rhanbarth Conwy - Yn Fuddugol - cliciwch yma

Canlyniadau yn cynnwys ail a thrydydd + disgyblion oedd yn cystadlu yn enw aelwydydd - cliciwch yma

Yr Urdd - Llwyddiant disgyblion YDC yn adran Celf a Chrefft Rhanbarth Conwy

Bydd pob gwobr cyntaf yn mynd ymlaen i gystadlu yn y genedlaethol - cliciwch yma am rest o enillwyr

carwyn jones

First Minister quizzed by Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils

First Minister Carwyn Jones took time to answer probing questions from Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy pupils during a visit to the Welsh Government’s office in Llandudno Junction - more

To see the photos click here


Update on Morgan’s success!

Having recently reached the final 10 of S4C new cookery programme Morgan is now in the Final THREE. Competition continued during the half term holidays, and now Morgan will compete over two days, February 27, 28 in the Final at Llanerch, Glamorgan.

‘I had a fantastic experience last week, with two days cooking the lunch shift in a professional kitchen. I can’t wait for the final, where I will be required to cook a meal from a mystery box of ingredients, then one will become two , with the final task of cooking a two course meal for two celebrities’

holocaust remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance Day

As part of the Holocaust remembrance officially held on 26th January, Rev John Fieldsend came to the School to talk to over 200 pupils about his life and experiences - click here


Llwyddiant Criced

Aron Hughes, 7 Pandy.
Llongyfarchiadau i Aron Hughes am gael ei ddewis i gynrychioli Gogledd Cymru!

“Fy enw yw Aron Hughes a rydw i’n chwarae criced i dîm Eryri ers mis Ionawr 2011. Cefais fy newis wedyn i chwarae dros Ogledd Cymru ym mis Rhagfyr, ac mae ein gêm yntaf yn erbyn Kings School, Gaer ddiwedd mis Ebrill.”

Da iawn Aron, a phob lwc!


Mini Sagas

99 pupils from the school have had their mini-saga stories chosen for publication in a national competition. The stories had to be no more than 50 words and had to be original. The 'Mini-sagas, Swashbuckling Stories Wales' will be published in April. Pupils from year 7 to year 9 took part.
Very well done to everyone!


National Urdd Swimming Championships

Congratulations to Lisa Allsup Year 12 on her Success at the National Urdd Swimming Championships held at the National Pool in Cardiff On January 29th. Representing Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Lisa was 2nd in the 100M Butterfly and 3rd in the 100M Backstroke. FANTASTIC!


Brand new series 'COGINIO ’ for Stwnsh on S4C

Congratulations to Morgan Metcalfe 9G on his success in the ‘Wales Young Chef’ competition
- click here


January 5 2012

A group of high achievers celebrated at a glittering awards ceremony
- click here





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